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DELTA OMICRON = MEDIA CONTROL | OMICRON = MORONIC | (LONDON) Five Eyes Alliance Report: They are intelligence-sharing arrangement between five English-speaking democracies: the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand #AceNewsDesk report

They just happened to decide to skip over the logical next choice for the name of the next “variant” and skipped right on over to “Omicron”. The following words and phrases are perfect Anagrams of one and other:



More coincidences, huh? If you don’t get it by now, then you are not worth anyone’s time.

If you honestly believe a word these people say and are even remotely entertaining the notion that these variants actually exist in our physical world and aren’t the painfully obvious pieces of “Fake-as-Fuck News” that they clearly are, then there is no hope for you and I encourage you to get AT LEAST one booster shot a week. PLEASE, for all our sakes, hurry-up with your self-euthanization prerogative. Every moment someone like you continues to exist in this world, it makes it that much more uncomfortable for the rest of us who still have functioning brain tissue and have to continue tolerating your existence so long as you are still here.

If you still think that Covaids is a real tangible viral ailment that poses a pubic health risk then you are NOT functioning with the discernment level of an adult. I’m sorry. Occam’s Razor: The reason you don’t know anyone who’s actually died of Covaids other than Colin Powell and Hank Aaron, is because Covid-19(SARS-COV-2) DOES NOT EXIST. The reason the hospitals were never full, despite what they claimed on the Fake News(up until the vaccine-injuries started rolling in) was because there never were any “sick” people to begin with! The only people who died were the patients that were literally murdered at the hands of monstrous Emergency Room Physicians who inexplicably decided to put healthy 30-something year olds who came in with flu symptoms, onto an aggressive Fentanyl drip and Oxygen ventilator until they eventually succumbed to the inevitable brain death that occurs after being hooked up to a death machine like that for a certain number of days. A nurse even testified that one of doctors laughed in her face as she sobbed and protested as she watched them coldly and systematically murder patients. Patients that had come in with only very mild flu symptoms and would have been completely fine in less than 24 hours if they had just stayed home.


I bet you that each of those doctors got a HUGE cash bonus for each patient they killed in that manner and then were able to claim as Covaids deaths. The solicitation of any “Covid death” statistic, no matter how it was obtained, was something that we know was aggressively coveted by the powers-at-be, especially in the earliest days of the Scamdemic. They were likely paying top dollar across the board. The younger generation of doctors are total slim balls(MANY Doctors on Twitter have attested to this) and were surely more than willing to exercise the thrill of being able to murder a patient for cash in a semi-sanctimonious way like that.

E-mail from Gian Luca: (Translated from Italian via DeepL.com)

We have accidentally arrived at the 15th Greek letter, the very powerful variant Omicron.,. fantastic…..

News from the realm of evil; Moved directly from London and 5 times more powerful, write ess. Translated = clear reference to Five Eyes (London home of the Five Eyes serv. Secrets)…


Look what kind of server (word that has no translation in Italian except what is simply written = serve, service), clearer than that? If one then believes that all that stuff is used to prevent weather? It serves to prevent and imprison.

And then if that wasn’t enough the inauguration is on May 5= 5th day of the 5th month. Ubar is in Oman now, is there something down there that I’m missing? If you could find something I would appreciate it. The WAY is a straight and narrow road, may you always be on it. A big hug.

More on the “Five Eyes” countries below:

Source: https://survivaltricks.wordpress.com/2021/05/09/london-five-eyes-alliance-report-they-are-intelligence-sharing-arrangement-between-five-english-speaking-democracies-the-us-uk-canada-australia-and-new-zealand-acenewsdesk-report-ace-news-se/

Canada, Australia and New Zealand #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services


#AceNewsReport – May.09: It evolved during the Cold War as a mechanism for monitoring the Soviet Union and sharing classified intelligence. It is often described as the world’s most successful intelligence alliance. But recently it has suffered an embarrassing setback.

Five Eyes: Is the alliance in trouble over China? Four of the members have jointly condemned China’s treatment of its Uyghur population in Xinjiang province. They have also expressed concern over China’s de facto military takeover of the South China Sea, its suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and its threatening moves towards Taiwan, which China has vowed to “take back” by 2049. One country, though, has opted out of confronting China: New Zealand: Reuters: The Five Eyes group has successfully shared intelligence between Western powers for decades’


By Frank Gardner
BBC security correspondent

Surprisingly, perhaps, for a nation that prides itself on respect for human rights, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta declined to join in this Western condemnation of Beijing, saying “it felt uncomfortable” with expanding the alliance’s role by putting pressure on China in this way. Although New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted on Monday that its differences with China are becoming “harder to reconcile”, the country still prefers to pursue its own bilateral relations with Beijing.

China’s state media has made much of this, talking of a wedge been driven between the two neighbours and allies, Australia and New Zealand.

China is New Zealand’s largest export market; New Zealand depends on China for close to 30% of its exports, mostly dairy products. So does Australia, but the two Antipodean neighbours clearly view China’s policies in a very different light. 

Australia’s federal government in Canberra has vetoed a major Chinese investment in the state of Victoria which was to be part of Beijing’s “Belt and Road” initiative, its growing acquisition of economic assets around the world. 

Meanwhile, China has imposed a series of damaging trade sanctions on Australia over the past year.

As the trade war between the two countries worsens, Australia’s wine exports to China have reportedly dropped by 96% from the first quarter of 2020 compared to the first quarter of this year, from A$325m (£181m) to just A$12m (£6.6m). New Zealand, on the other hand, has been rewarded by Beijing with ever-closer trade relations.

Getty ImagesNew Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern has taken a different China stance to Australia’s Scott Morrison

So what exactly has all this got to do with intelligence-sharing? Very little, is the answer. 

It was assumed last year by officials in the Five Eyes alliance that since all five nations broadly shared the same world view, then that view would also apply to China. In May 2020 the alliance agreed to expand its role away from just security and intelligence to a more public stance on respect for human rights and democracy. 

In November the alliance criticised the Chinese government for stifling democracy in Hong Kong when Beijing introduced new laws that disqualified elected legislators in the former British colony. A Chinese government spokesman reacted angrily, mocking the Five Eyes alliance by declaring that “those who dared to harm China’s sovereignty would find their own eyes poked out”.

Now, six months later, New Zealand’s departure from the party line on China has meant that the Five Eyes’ newly expanded role appears to have ground to a halt, prompting some to question whether the alliance is in trouble. 

But that would be an exaggeration. This was about politics, not intelligence. New Zealand is not leaving the alliance, it is only drawing a distinction between the two. In retrospect it was an overstretch of what Five Eyes was meant for: sharing secrets. 

There will almost certainly be some in New Zealand’s intelligence community who feel embarrassment at this playing out so publicly. By far the majority of intelligence shared within the alliance comes from Washington. The next biggest contributor is the UK, with input from GCHQ, MI6 and MI5. Considerably smaller contributions are made by Canada and Australia. 

When it comes to New Zealand, an intelligence review conducted in 2017 found that for every 99 pieces of intelligence NZ received through the alliance, it contributed just one. So New Zealand would clearly have much to lose if it left. 

In conclusion, then, is the alliance going to transcend into a unified diplomatic or political pressure group? Unlikely at this stage. Is its existence as an alliance for intelligence-sharing between allies in trouble? No.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: May.09: 2021:

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