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KANYE WEST NEVER EXISTED. Kanye West is Played by Kurtis Blow | ALL A-List Hollywood Celebrities Are Nothing More Than Public Stage Characters & Not “Real” People.

Kurtis Blow is ALSO likely another stage name and made-up character.

The importance of this kid’s work can not be understated. This is one of the most important realizations that one needs to make as they go through the process of “waking up”. Acknowledging the fraudulent nature of our reality and coming to understand these pubic figures as the totally fabricated, non-existent human beings that they aren’t. That was a conundrum-laden sentence. In short, these celebrities NEVER existed. Not a single one of them. You can’t meet halfway on this one and say, “I guess it could be true in this case, but there’s no way that [INSERT FAVORITE MUSICIAN/HOLLYWOOD ACTOR HERE] isn’t real. I know they must be real”. No. Let me be clear. ALL major Hollywood talent is managed in this way. The B level talent appears to be comprised of a mixture of real human beings(I can say this because my good friends from college is a celebrity comedian/actor: “Dan Soder”)and Westworld-style manufactured synthetics. But ALL the A-listers appear to be nothing more than a facade and a scripted character at the end of the day.

These celebrities don’t have social security numbers or birth certificates. They might be played by silicone mask-wearing individuals who were once authentic human beings(I say “once” because many are murdered and replaced with a synthetic stand-in…Dave Chappelle style), but the actual stage-character themselves only exists as a construct of the Hollywood machine and within the minds of their sheeple fans. Their pubic appearances are always tightly controlled by the various talent handlers at the label and many of these musicians can be expected to play up 3 different characters at once in some cases. They might decide to fake the death of one of these characters if they see that you’re getting overworked. Or if the esoteric script happens to call for your death for whatever the reason.

ALL pubic figures are character actors. The politicians, the Royals, anyone you see on the damn TV screen is a fake. I don’t want to hear about how you met some particular celebrity or politician and how “they must be real” because of how nice they were to you. Stop that shit.

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/qxXY0xWzbI4
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