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Nightmare Monster Manifesting Itself Into Our Reality: Parts 1 & 2 | DETROIT – the center of the reality fractal – UNCANNY DEDUCTION

I really like this Swedish guys channel “Uncanny Deduction“.

I was almost taken back by some of the synchronicities that I came across when listening to his casual esoteric decode of this particular dream he had and how it relates to current events and specifically the nature of the soul-slurping Omicron variant/entity.

A reality that the EL-ites appear to be trying to show the few of us who can actually see by slyly divulging what “Omicron” truly is/means.

The acquisition of one’s soul and its permanent quarantine from its original creator(God) has always been the main prerogative of the vaccination push and was the main reason for the Covaids hoax. It’s fine for you to exclaim that you “don’t believe in that kind of stuff“, but in the event that you’re wrong in this assumption of yours, the consequences could end up resembling something like the literal imprisonment of your soul for eternity in some torturous extra dimension at the whim of some highly advanced but insane parasitic Insectesoid entity.

Or something like that. Judging by how foaming-at-the-mouth these slit-eyed politicians and Hollywood celebrities have been to push to get EVERYONE vaccinated at ALL costs, I have to assume that their “Enderz Game” is something along those lines and infinitely nightmarish in nature.

Even if I somehow didn’t happen to be the very religious, open-minded and spiritual individual that I am, common sense and just an overall inkling of self-preservation would still have been enough for me to come to the eventual realization that a chance like that is simply NOT something that anyone in their right mind can afford to take. Talk about a bad long term investment. Sheesh.


This is also the same guy who talks about the 12 Moon Keys a la “12 Monkeys”. It’s all related. He does some awesome research. What I hadn’t heard about from anywhere else was this theory of his about Detroit being the center of this fractal simulation that we are all stuck in. Fascinating stuff. Always be sure to read EVERYTHING, no matter how insane it may seem on the surface. Sometimes you’ll find that in the end it is in fact just wild speculation, but often times(like in this case) you might actual stumble upon a very valuable jewel(piece of knowledge) in a place that you never would have expected. Listen to Everyone. Trust No One. Yeah yeah. I have a feeling that anyone who is reading this right now doesn’t need to be told by anyone how to think. Damn straight you don’t. Don’t ever trust any of these motherfuckers fully. Me included. Trust yourself and your intuition ONLY. I’m just giving you raw information for you to work with and referring you to other intelligent and eccentric content creators that I feel lend valuable insight. But in the end,you need to be the one to finish connecting your own dots and come to your own autonomous conclusion as to how to proceed in your life moving forward during these #ClownWorld times. I don’t have all the answers. No one does.

The monster I talked about a few times, I think it took this shape… It likes eating and being playful. Enjoy. Tomorrow a more detailed video… You remember that I talked about it eating people right, voila…? Believe me now?
Skip intro: 6:45 Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIvwo… 12 next to monkey (deleted scene): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exeP0…

DETROIT – the center of the reality fractal [SMALL PLAYLIST]


This is just a few of the total number of videos in this subject (the most important). I advice you not to watch this. There is no turning back after seeing this

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