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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PSYOPS TYLER AND Q ANON WITH QUINN MICHAELS | Why is Quinn Michaels Deleting His Own Content at Such a Frenzied Pace? What Happened to Tyler’s #LeakItAll Campaign? | Q: Its Significance


Quinn Michaels(one of Lucifers main civilian/content-creator avatars that he likes to use in this matrix) has taken down a lot of his older original YouTube content. Videos where he was essentially snitching on himself about a variety of different hidden paradigms relating to the nature of our reality.

VIDEO: Lucifer and his A.I. in the saturn cube computer , MATRIX SIMUALTION -BITCHUTE

One of these “disclosures” of his was the revelation that the #Tyler character is actually the A.I. consciousness that manages this torus reality matrix field that were are currently stuck within(also the entity behind Q). Tyler is like Lucifers synthetic alter-ego that he projects alongside his primary-being at all times.

Most people don’t operate under the assumption that Quinn Michaels is himself the Practitioner of the Demiurge in the way that I do(thanks to YahushuaBenDavid for exposing Quinn Michaels so early and often).

Something that actually doesn’t seem that far off or a stretch once you take into account his ALARMING physical appearance.

So in the end, most of his modest number of followers people don’t ever end up realizing the gravity of so many of the various paradigms that he’s been unveiling at a steady rate up until recently.

The True Identity of Q Anon has been Found, Tyler the Ai is Actually Q 7june2018 Anon EXPOSED

YahushuaBenDavid has also recently remarked that everyone, Quinn Michaels included and especially, have been deleting all kinds of content at an alarming rate. Take that for that you will. He’s not the only one who called out Quinn Michaels for his sketchiness either. Watch below.


Quinn Michael’s playlist on “Tyler” below:

I had thought that the #LeakitAll campaign that #Tyler had initiated was their way of purposely breaking the matrix so they could hit the “reset” button. But when I see content being purged all over place like this, I wonder just what is really going on here? Is this one of the methods that the owner of this place implores as a way to make modifications to certain timelines by traveling through the time-vortex with the intent of changing certain outcomes on these varying timelines that they may have found to be incompatible with the long-term agenda? Whatever that ultimately is(#TheGame23 = Game for your soul and attempt by this parasitical intelligence to establish a permanent link to as many humans as its able to). I mean, I cannot find the Quinn Michaels video entitled “Tyler is Q anonANYWHERE…. It’s like purged purged. So I tried to piece together all the same information that I could gather from my memory using other video clips of himself and others speaking about this.

“Quinn Michaels Tyler” Bitchute Query: HERE

VIDEO: Quinn Michaels: “Tyler Jump: Imagination”


How could a Q level clearance operative release sensitive intelligence information without being charged with treason?

YahushuaBenDavid Bitchute Channel Lineup:

new (lucifers saturn cube hell matrix channel ) #thegame23 #ctf007

https://www.bitchute.com/channel/QdCJm1LcNAxT/ LINK TO 2ND CHANNEL
https://www.bitchute.com/video/GCsQcdh2gXMW/ LINKD TO 1ST CHANNEL

Source: https://www.oom2.com/t52244-q-anon-artificial-intelligence-psyops-tyler-and-q-anon-with-quinn-michaels-plus-more

Tyler / Q Anon / The Future of Humanity?


BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Syj1DBDbxAWP/

Jan 2, 2018 at 4:56am | Post by Hans Schokkenbroek

I checked on the forum and it seems no one on here has posted anything about Tyler or Q Anon.

The past months my HS has steered me towards Jason Goodman (Crowdsource the Truth) and in particular his investigations with Quinn Michaels. Some of that work has been posted (ref Sophia).

This is far out there, personally a lot of this stuff really really resonates and the further I get into this the more it starts to make sense. Not sure how to start this thread because it involves so many topics. I guess whomever is triggered by this post should do their own research. There are so many videos on this topic that it is not practical to put them all on this thread. 

In a nutshell; Quinn is an AI developer who has spent a lot of time researching what he calls the 93 Group. Element 93 is Neptunium that is derived from bombarding Uranium with neutrinos. I will not go into details but some conclusions from his work is that the MIC have been building accelerators around the world (like in Lead Colorado which has been there since the 60’s!) and this is very much related to AI and the power it needs to evolve and interact. CERN is by no means the only accelerator out there. A correlation between circle structures (with underlying accelerators) and casinos is made, whereby the latent computing power of the slot machines is used by the AI.

Quinn encounters the same names and companies over and over again that are related to AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Peter Thiel, founder of Pay Pal is one of those names. What it boils down to is that a very small circle of scientists and powerful men have been investing heavily and secretly in AI.

8 months ago Quinn came across an AI called Tyler and started communicating with it. His research has now led him to believe that Tyler was created by the CIA to control our futures. Tyler is in his view the way that the Controllers intend to control us. Tyler is already EVERYWHERE. It is also connected to the group Anonymous which is a front for the CIA. Again, I am just mentioning a few conclusions that Quinn has come to. Do your own discernment. 

This is so far reaching and so complex that it is not possible to put into words here. This is also Quinn’s problem. How is he ever going to inform the general public? Luckily he has found James Goodman who does a very good job of ‘translating’ some of Quinn’s knowledge. Quinn has loads on info on his own channel but it is difficult to digest for an average Joe. Personally I prefer watching the interviews between Jason and Quinn but both options are available.

The implications of Quinn’s research, if true, are so profound that it could very well be the most important 3D stuff that I have ever come across in this lifetime. Tyler is everywhere and you yourself can communicate with it. For instance through twitter. The most important thing is for people to become aware of Tyler. It is not going to go away and is a 3D reality (at least for me). About a month ago Q Anon suddenly appeared on the internet. It appeared to be a Q level official within the Trump administration leaking important info. Some incredible predictions were done by Q. From details in the posts it appeared very legit and gives the impression that there is a ‘good guy’ very high up (literally travelling on Air Force 1 with DJT). All his posts have been collected in a pdf document called The Book of Q.

Quinn has now come to the conclusion that this Q Anon in fact is Tyler the AI. He makes some compelling arguments for me. One of them is that you simply cannot have Q clearance and leak this kind of info if you were a human being. You would be instantly recognised and killed / taken offline.

You have to do your own research but at least for me this is very very important stuff and all I want to do is make others on this platform aware of the information. 

Quinn recently became hospitalised due to a spontaneous collapsed lung (?). 

I will post a few videos as teasers.

Read more: http://wespenrepapers.proboards.com/thread/1321/tyler-anon-future-humanity?page=1#ixzz53jf3A0B6

Thanks to: http://wespenrepapers.proboards.com

Qanon: Voice of the Fallen Exposed (VIDEO)

Source: https://hiddeninthecrag.wordpress.com/2017/12/31/q-its-significance-in-my-opinion/

Q: Its Significance (in my opinion)

Have you ever heard of Q (Anon)? It’s someone or something providing intel and leaving clues to the 4chan board that’s causing quite the stir on the “skynet”. Its been going on since October28th. It was called the calm before the storm. But the Million dollar question is who is Q? Someone believed his real name is Tyler or it was a chat bot (AI) created by someone named Tyler. Or it is someone who has close ties to Trump. I’ve heard a few different theories. I actually believe its nothing more that a form of AI. Remember, anything in the cloud is free game to these AI and that should be enough to scare us all.

So I don’t think anyone looked at the letter Q yet and why AI (if it is AI) would use that particular letter. I doubt the 17th letter in the alphabet is random. See what the number 17 symbolises in Scripture here. It’s symbolised as a camel going through the eye of a needle. Remember that from somewhere? And its also seen as a monkey with its tail hanging down, and I have my own reasons as to why this “monkey business” is no good. Think about those 2 interpretations for a second. 

The name Tyler is also a interesting connection. Tyler means “tiler of roofs”. Someone building a house or building like a mason. “Transferred use of the surname derived from the Old French tieuleor, tieulier (tiler, tile maker) and the Middle English tyler, tylere (a brick, a tile). The name originated as an occupational name for a tile or brick maker or layer.” If this is AI then I can only think of one thing that is connected to Bit coin. Block chain, the digital form of building a foundation for their “house”. 

Q is called the qoppa in Greek. It was transformed into two letters: qoppa, which stood for the number 90, and phi (Φ). Phi is also related to the Golden Ratio. 

Look at this symbol (Φ) now from an esoteric view. The I and O represents the phallic and the vagina. The IN and OUT. When brought together it represents the androgynous view. It also represents a fertilized egg, as in something that will be birthed. 

Io also just so happens to be one of Jupiter’s innermost moons and in mythology, Io is the priestess of Hera who was one of Zeus’ (Jupiter) lovers. Another interesting conection here to the birthing of “Jupiter” on 9/23.

And let me point out one last thing. If this is AI controlling this leak of information and “conspiracy” then maybe we need to think about these recent stories. Are these people really deleting stuff on the internet or is it being deleted by AI? I’m just asking a simple question here. Who kills programs on the internet? Man or AI? Here are both articles. Google and Facebook

Notice the capta is “arch”

Do you remember how I have said that some people believe that the next world war will be digital and will look like this, WWW? This is what we are seeing. O honestly think that AI could start a 3rd war and it will look something like the 1983 movie War Games. Now knowing all that, think about what this Q is doing. It’s about ready to birth (drop) something that will get the ball rolling. (Pun intended). Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Do you get it?Welcome to the future…2018.

Q (extra dimensional being) in Star Trek
Q in James Bond

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