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Austrians who refuse to get vaccinated will get jailed separately from regular prison population and can be sentenced for up to a year in prison!

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Austrians who refuse to get vaccinated will get jailed seperately

by /u/Benkenobix / conspiracy / 2021-12-05 12:28

More news regarding the Austrian compulsory vaccination have reached the public:

Refusing to get vaccinated will cost you 2000€ EVERY SINGLE MONTH. If you can’t pay, you will be thrown into jail from 4-6 weeks up to 1 year. And not only do you get thrown into jail, you even have to pay for it yourself. And now the craziest news: They’re building different blocks or even build new facilities for those people.

They are literally planning on building camps for the willingly unvaccinated.

source (it’s in German though) TRANSLATED BELOW

All details of the law against vaccination opponents: up to a year in prison

The fine falls at 2000 $8364; now milder (instead of 7200), but the law novel against vaccination opponents provides democratic-political Brisanz: vaccination critics are threatening a year of concern in Austria in the future. The novels already happened to the parliamentary committee. For the vaccination critics, there should be their own detention rooms, the cost of food is charged with the persons.Editing5 Dezember 2021 07:49

Still, and without wanting to excite much of a lot of attention, the government has now completed the current proposal for the implementation of the planned vaccination obligation. In particular, this is a corresponding change in the administrative enforcement law.

The legal text, which has already passed the parliamentary committee scheduled for it and has already been cancelled by the EPÖ’s opposition from the VP, SPÖ, Greens and NEOS, is present to the eXXXpress.

Therefore, anyone who refuses to be vaccinated against the Corona virus must pay 2000 euros in fine. But with a one-time payment, it will not remain: every violation will be punished again at 2000 euros $211; as with breaches of the speed limit. And: Those who refuse to be vaccinated and also pay the penalties should be taken into custody.The cost of detention of the vaccine opponents is “to be involved by the persons.”

Those affected have to bear prison costs themselves

And, in analog to the fines, the duration of the repetition case can be summed up: while a prison sentence of up to four weeks is initially possible, the government plans the maximum duration to one year (!) ) to extend.

Especially explosive: unlike other prisoners, the public sector does not come up for this, but the person person must take over his costs at this time. So the perpetrator has to pay for his food and cell.

Further interesting passport in the legal text: the “inmates are to be held in prison rooms separated from prisoners who are stopped under the rules other than under this federal law. Thus, according to this law, it seems to be their own prison floors or prison buildings for vaccine opponents.2000 $8364; fine – and imprisonment if “this is not out of relationship for purpose” . .

New law to enter into force in 2022

On 2 December, the Constitutional Committee on the proposal already gave the green light – without the content being publicly discussed again.

The scheme is due to enter into force in a few weeks in 2022, but changes would still be possible $211; there was no criticism of how excerpts from the committee’s protocol show that is available to the eXpress.From the new legal text: Privacy tests for opponents after four months, then every four weeks.

What MPs on the House Committee said

We publish the original signature from the parliamentary committee:

In the novelly proposal (1176 d. B.is set a maximum-permissible total duration of the difficulty of one year. He also provides for an appeal according to the model of the pushing complaint, so extends legal protection. In principle, the enforcement of the Beugehaft in Austria is the exception, the statements are stressed, and usually fines as a means of being the trap.

In the committee meeting, Friedrich Ofenauer (ÖVP) stressed that the bump should be understood as a last means that only would be used if fines could not help the rule of law to break through.

Green MP Agnes Sirkka Prammer underlined that a state was only as strong as its ability to enforce decisions. It pointed to a built-in legal protection mechanism which would constantly examine the legality of the detention.

Johannes Margreiter (NEOS) signalled his approval and continued to say that it was not about classic legislative violations, but about individual cases, if, for example, a decision about a act to be done not followed.

Christian Drobits (SPÖ) highlighted the restriction on prison to one year.

Critical sounds hit the free ones. Susanne Fürst (FPÖ) addressed the ongoing debate on vaccination duty, which receives special Brisanz. According to it, it is not possible to be able to apply mass in particular in the case of vaccination unwilling. This must be clearly ruled out.

There is already a political consensus, replied Minister of the Constitution Karoline Edtstadler. You want to move people to vaccinate and not lock up, which could also be held in the matter law. However, the administrative opportunity to enforce a desired behavior must be ensured for the legal order to preserve its credibility, says Edtstadler.

The government order was adopted by a majority without the votes of the FPÖ.From the Novelle of the Administrative Enforcement Act: …” Prison up to a year’

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