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Dave Paulides Calls Out CNN For Being Intelligence Agency-Subsidized | Missing 411- David Paulides Presents Missing Person Cases From California, Wyoming and Nevada

Paulides lights CNN the fuck up in the below video. Awesome to see a guy with Paulide’s credibility putting himself out there and telling the truth about the Intelligence Agency subsidized nature of CNN. They have almost zero viewers and are hemmoriging money yet someone is keeping them afloat. Don’t need a Rocket Science degree to figure this one out either. This gave me a good excuse to feature a Missing 411 video. Something I haven’t done in a while and it’s a fascinating and terrifying phenomenon that I should be following more closely.


Missing 411- David Paulides Presents Missing Person Cases From California, Wyoming and Nevada744Likes2,115ViewsDec 52021This video contains the following missing person cases: William Watson, 72 Years, Missing April 19, 1982, Pacifica, CA Charles Leroy Pitts, 37 Years, Missing April 10, 1957, Wells, NV Mike Tichac, 30 Years, Missing October 24, 1951, Wheatland, WY © 2021 David Paulides NABS LLC Twitter: David Paulides@canammissing

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