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Deep Dive: Who is Tom Brady? Parts 1 & 2 – Pat Troothner | Is Tom Brady an Androgynous Baphometic Synthetic Who Was Raised by His Billionaire Occultic Father to be Inserted Into the NFL Clown Show?

This was a pretty alarming thing to see. The family pictures of Tom Brady and his sisters that is. One of them looked EXACTLY like Tom wearing a wig. Plus, did anyone know that Tom Brady Sr. was a billionaire three times over and even has an IMBD page that shows his work with NFL Films dating all the way back to 1967, well before Tom Brady was even “born”? What on earth is going on here?

I’m going to make a WILD speculation here. Just for fun. Could Tom Brady be an androgynous clone that was created by one of the powerful secret occult factions who control this world? Did Tom Brady Sr. raise one of these abominable Serpent Seeds with the intent of inserting him into the NFL from day one? You must admit that Brady’s career has been very destiny-oriented and seemingly contrived on the surface. The NFL has always seemed to be way too over the top invested in his success. It’s starting to look like it’s(our entire world, ESPECIALLY pro sports) ALWAYS been a script. Not just the games themselves, but even the back stories of these players can turn out to be infinitely sketchy like here in Brady’s case.

Part 1: Original YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/sIvFjV6TIDw | I had to embed the first part from a Rumble upload because the NFL blocked me from ebedding the original YouTube link for Part 1 for whatever reason.

Part 2: Original YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/zOE14aVCyc8

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