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NBC Producer James Joseph Morrison Snitches HARD on His Bosses & Sings Like a Bird When Pulled Over by Kenosha P.D. For Following the Jury Bus During Rittenhouse Trial in Attempt to Expose the Identities of Jurors, Potentially Triggering a Mistrial.

The Kenosha, Wisconsin Police Department has released bodycam footage of a traffic stop involving NBC “freelancer” producer James Joseph Morrison after he ran a red light while trying to follow the bus carrying Kyle Rittenhouse jury members during the trial..

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vqb23b-bodycam-footage-nbc-producer-admits-attempting-to-dox-rittenhouse-jury.html

This guy sings like a bird to the piggies almost immediately upon rolling the window down for the officer. He hung his NBC producer bosses OUT TO DRY. Normally I would be off-put by such cowardly “snitchery”, but I can make an exception in this case and roll around like a pig in shit in all the liberal tears that flowed upon the watching of this clip. Even some of the most libtarded of the libtards seem to be starting to see just how despicable the left and their leftist colleagues truly are and are abandoning the party at an even greater rate than before. Not that it matters who WE choose to support.

BOTH sides of the aisle are evil, don’t get it twisted. It just happens to be the job of the Democrat establishment to play the role of the hated, socialist, ass-backwards, post-modern nightmare of a political party that no one really actually supports in private. Then you have the right, which tries to play the part of the more rational minded choice. Which IS true for the most part as far as the moderate nature of most of their policy stances. They wouldn’t be able to successfully dupe enough people and continue-on their machine of deception if they took as radical a stance as their leftists rivals do on so many of the issues. But in the end, there is only but ONE agenda and the 2 party system is simply designed to give the appearance of choice. You’ve never had any affect on any policy-making/legislative-passing activity that has ever gone on in Washington D.C.. Your vote means SHIT.

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