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Stolen History Part 3: The Mystery of the World’s Fairs | Fonthill Abbey: Britain’s Tallest Private “Home”.

This documentary was quite the well funded, well made documentary I must say. Perhaps the most concise and polished presentation on the topic that I’ve seen yet.

I know that the likes of Ewaranon, Michelle Gibson, Martin Leidke, Jon Levi, Paul Cook, UAP, Jared Boosters, Static in the Attic, Stuffed Beagle, Wise Up(maybe my favorite), Old Scary World, and many others have done brilliant work exposing this paradigm. Even channels like Godgevlamste and Radiation Matters have make important contributions to this field of study from slightly different angles(the parasitic nature of the controllers). But this was the most professional presentation I’ve seen yet.

I’ve still yet to fully understand just what the heck the difference between and is. They have the same logo and I believe ended up purging a lot of their content recently. Did they just move over to .net? Both sites seem to still be active.

The official version of human history is a construct of lies. We are in a state of collective amnesia. Let’s free ourselves from the artificial matrix that has been imposed on us. This part covers the World’s Fairs and the period in which they took place. mirrored from our docu channel:… Support our Documentary Series on Patreon: written by: dreamtime & Mosaic, narrated by: Sovereine & David Glenney post-production: Bart van der Zwaan full transcript:…

Jared Boosters had some great recent stuff that I wanted to share too. I loved the following video: (Fonthill Abbey: Britain’s Tallest Private “Home”)

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