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(UPDATED)I Just Got Dumped Because I Refused to Get Vaccinated… WAIT…She’s now changing her mind in the middle of me writing this…Still on going…. | THIS is what “beating Covid” looks like.

THIS is what “beating Covid” looks like.


Another one bites the dust. Another close friend, girlfriend and/or family member that has now disowned and ejected me from their life because I refuse to get vaccinated.

This particular relationship hadn’t been going on that long at all and was in very early stages so it’s not particularly traumatizing at all for me to see this relationship end, so I figured I’d post her breakup message exchange with me so you could all see how insanely brainwashed the rest of the population has become. The way she answers my questions. They just do NOT care about reality. She didn’t even care that I had a legitimate medical reason stemming from a heart condition that prevents me from being able to get jabbed anyway. She didn’t care at all about the 99.97% recovery rate or the fact that you can still get Covaids again after having been jabbed and in fact it’s been only vaccinated people who are supposedly now being told they have Omicron moronic retard mutation. She instead cited the fact that she simply had too much of a problem with the reality that I didn’t think Covid was real. I’m serious. THIS is how thoroughly brainwashed the public has become. But then she ended it by saying how she also resented me for not wearing a mask, so that made me feel a lot better and showed me just how insane she really was and how I actually dodged a bullet here in all likihood. Though she showed no irrational disposition up until this point. She was a really cute little emo girl who was way hot and exactly my type, but the show must go on and I will have to find another one!

lol.. WAIT…as I’m writing this she appears to have been unable to resist my charm and has come crawling back! I’m not kidding! Look! Hahaha. How fucking cool am I? Not really. I don’t even know what I did. I’m just being a dick but seriously, that’s exactly why you never act vindictive.

I guess the kid is just irresistible. Lol. But no…I did not see that coming. I’m not even sure what part of I what I said actually changed her mind. I mean, that was some RAPID pivoting and inverting that she did with her feelings there. Like Quantum-speed change-of-heart. Jesus. Eccentric girls like these are way good in bed. The best actually. That’s how I do it. I’m obviously pretty eccentric too. Lots of piercings and problems is how I like em.

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