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More Veil Dissipation? | Santilli Convex Lense Atmospheric Creatures | 👽👾Maybe New Life Forms Coming From Outer Space or From Inner Earth?


We will see more and more of this as the veil dissipates at an increasing and exponential rate.

You can catch all kinds of anomalous artifacts up in the clouds these days.

There have been all sorts of interdimensional entities that have been hiding in the clouds and just outside of our visual purview up until now. Those convex-lensed cameras recently caught images of some kind of creature that’s been literally “scanning” our urban areas of the planet. I’m not kidding.

Photographs of ITE-1s. Left and Middle: Captured by Dr Santilli in the night sky over Tampa Bay, Florida on September 5, 2015. Right: Captured by K Brinkman in the night sky over St Petersburg, Florida on September 20, 2015. Credit: Dr Santilli.

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Not that there have been any shortage of Paranormal happenings up until only now. Things have been “hot and heavy” in that department for a while now.

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