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South Park: Post Covid – The Return of Covid | Illuminati, Secret Society & Pedough Symbolism in South Park

I’m not the biggest fan of the two Khazarian homos who write this show, nor was I appreciative of their snide and condescending pro-vax message in their latest special. But it was entertaining nonetheless and targeted many worthy recipients with warranted criticisms, as is their usual routine. Mixing truths with bullshit. They are masters at this. Mixing undeniable logic with horseshit and the usual undertones of mockery.

If you’re gonna embedd pedo symbols in your nationally syndicated cable TV cartoon comedy show, then I’m gonna ignore copyright etiquette.

I had done a post on South Park and all their #thegame23 symbolism that represents both #thegame23 for your soul AND adrenochrome, but I can’t seem to find it. I’ve done too many posts.

You can watch part one HERE if you haven’t seen the latest one.

South Park: Post Covid – The Return of Covid (VIDEO)

They had already done an episode on blood sacrifices WAY before the recent Adrenochrome episode.

Source: https://t2conline.com/south-parq-so-woke-its-off-the-charts/

South ParQ So Woke Its off The Charts!


The citizens of South ParQ are clamoring for the COVID-19 vaccine. A hilarious new militant group tries to stop the boys from getting their teacher vaccinated.

This politically incorrect show is hysterical satirizing QAnon, Covid-19 vaccines and everything in between.

“South ParQ Vaccination Special,” revolves around Cartman and the gang trying to get a vaccine for their teacher, Mrs. Nelson after pulling a prank that makes them highly unpopular. QAnon, isolation, adrenochrome are some of the themes taken on.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker bring in Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jeffrey Epstein and Oprah Winfrey as the “Hollywood Elite” “feeding off children.

This special drew more than 4 million viewers to Comedy Central. Click on our link to watch it for free

Source: https://www.unexplainable.net/info-theories/Illuminati-and-Secret-Society-Symbolism-in-South-Park.php

Illuminati and Secret Society Symbolism in South Park

Sarah Wilson | January 1, 2014

The animated show called ‘South Park’ which airs on the Comedy Central television network for more than 15 years was never intended for a young audience. Focusing on adults themes by the boatload, the main characters are four young boys who use foul language and dark satirical humor to make their points throughout the entire series. The episodes touch upon a range of subject matter geared towards a mature audience. At times, the series is viewed as controversial – often tackling current news – from NSA spying to presidential elections. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the “cartoon” has also incorporated controversial symbolism related to secret societies, such as the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and the occult.

From time to time, South Park inserts graphic elements that include controversial or odd symbolism on many different levels. For instance, it is said that an alien is found in every single episode – sometimes obscurely hidden while other times, it is in plain sight.

Just a few Illuminati/occult/secret society references and symbols found in South Park include:

In Season 13, in the midst of several nods to pyramid symbolism, a hidden all-seeing eye pyramid seems to have been inserted into the makeup of a sign for Seaworld.

In an episode called ‘Mysterion Rises’ (Season 14) the character Kenny plays the role of Mysterion, who has the task to save the world from Cartman, another character in the series. Cartman joins forces with a Satanic beast that is summoned by a cult who is depicting as wearing dark robes. Some say that the Freemasons were used as inspiration for the cult members. In this particular episode, the cult meets in a basement decorated with a poster depicting an inverted pentagram and another with a graphic of the Eye of Horus – a symbol often associated with the Illuminati.

In the background of the above image, you see that the cult is speaking with a goat head hanging on the wall, which is meant as a reference to Baphomet, who is often seen as a representative of Satan and the occult.

The rest of the room is decorated with other symbols of the occult and secret societies. Winged demon figures are positioned on shelves on the back wall of the basement. A plaque is seen on the wall that resembles a coat of arms depicting two swords crossing over what appears to be a skull. This ensemble creates a reference to the skull and bones imagery associated with an infamous secret society that has its origins at Yale University.

Below is an image from a different episode that shows characters of South Park shopping at a Whole Foods store, which includes dialogue that concentrates on a push to buy items that are organic. Hanging from the ceiling is a pyramid with a single eye, which is a reference to the all-seeing eye (or Eye of Horus), which is one of the most recognizable pieces of symbol related to the Illuminati.

The costume for the Superman-like character flying through the air in yet another episode of South Park incorporates single eye (all-seeing eye) symbolism across the chest. In another scene, the superhero watches a multitude of monitors, where the single-eye symbolism appears again. Throughout the episode, the single-eye symbolism appears throughout – decorating the walls of a library, and as part of carpet decoration that two characters stand upon.

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