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THE BIBLE IS TARTARIAN(IRISH / DRUID / ATLANTEAN) EXPOSED: Is Magic Evil? | Tartaria REVEALED in 1858 Newspaper Article – Ruins of Atlantis?!

Great video on the lost connection between the Irish and their role as the original mystics and bringers of knowledge/Ancient wisdom. It appears that the Jews simply ripped them off in the same way the Phonecians did.

DOWNLOAD: Old Irish wisdom attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria : an edition of Bríathra Flainn Fhína maic Ossu (PDF) | |

Was the Bible stolen from the Tartarians/ “Church of Iesa”/ the builders of these magnificent sacred geometrical churches? This old church was not one of worship and idolatry, but a philosophical system that was based upon ancient wisdom and the higher arts of magic. If this is the case, then is magic truly evil?…………………………………

On January 6, 1858 . The Raftsman Journal published an intriguing article called Antiquities in America, discussing many of the ruins and structures around this continent that have not been discussed by official history… Could they be referring to Tataria and or Ancient Structures from Atlantis?

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DOWNLOAD: Lost American Antiquities A Hidden History Silencing the Ancient Mound Builders (PDF)

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