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How is This Fair? Women’s Sports = DEAD | Jazz Jennings Weight Gain After “Botched” Gender Reassignment Surgery.

I think we are just going to have to accept the loss of women’s sports moving forward. Not that I’m going to stop fighting back against this onslaught of insanity. I don’t think there is anyone who loves females more than I do, so I’m certainly not about to give up and just concede this shit as a loss. The WNBA might leave much to be desired, but I still love Uconn women’s basketball and really love women’s tennis & volleyball. All are highly competitive and fun-to-watch sporting competitions. I want to save them.

But the left seems pretty determined to absolutely annihilate any shred of decency or fairness and the dissolution of women’s sports seems to be one of their top priorities.

Paige Bueckers has a right to play basketball without having to worry about some sociopathic gender bender throwing her to the ground and badly missing a dunk.

I’m looking at you “Brittney” Griner. Or whoever the heck you are.

I’m glad I came across this video, because now I have an excuse to talk about Jazz Jennings and her botched gender reassignment surgery. Lol. She gained like 150 lbs. and went full melancholy after she chose to undergo “bottom surgery”. 🤮(The puke emogi came up automatically! That’s like the best thing I’ve ever seen the A.I. do.)

I was going to leave this alone until I saw that she threw her brother to the wolves and sent him on a disgustingly awkward date with a trans woman. A date during which I feared he was going to be sexually assaulted. He/she(I’ll call her “she”… that’s fine) cornered him at one point, but luckily the kid got out of there unscathed.

Kids. Learn from Jazz. DO NOT mutilate your perfectly-functioning and perfectly-fine-looking genitalia. Just DON’T. Seriously. Does that really sound like something that will make you feel better? It’s not like the rest of us are going to accept your mutilated genitalia as a valid replacement. I’m not trying to be mean when I say that. It’s simply something you need to hear.

Gender Dysphoria is something you can learn to cope with. Don’t allow some droopy-eyed soulless Asian med school dropout to slice up your penis or vagina and then sew it up into a grotesque patchwork of flaps and puss-seeping orifices that in actuality, end up becoming nothing more than a permanently unhealed wound that requires a clinically prescribed instrument to be jammed in and out of for the rest of your life to prevent this mass of disfigurement from closing-up for good like your body desperately wants it to.

I don’t expect this post to save many from getting this surgery. But I bet I save at least one person. More people from the LGBTQ community follow this blog than you may think. There are many within that community that are infinitely disgusted by what the left has been up to with their trans agenda. Especially the way they have been targeting these young children with this radical indoctrination routine. So I will make a fucking difference with my rude rants. Like it or not.

You didn’t see Big Mike going out and slicing up his penis, did you? He let that shit flop all the place. #FloppyMike.

Don’t be afraid to do the same. Floppy would have never been known as #FloppyMike or had the wildly successful career as a professional “sextortionist” for the CIA, eventually leading to “the role of a lifetime” as First Lady, if he had chosen to slice his penis down the middle like a baked potato and stuff it into his hip cavity to try to pass off as a functioning vagina. Big Mike might be an evil Bapho-tranny, but he ain’t stupid. So learn from him and choose to keep the genitalia you were born with. Any doctor who tries to tell you that you can successfully reassign ones gender via surgery is a bold faced LIAR and is only looking for the ritualistic juju he inevitably gets from sacrificing yet another perfectly-fine, perfectly-functioning human genitalia to Moloch.

The nod goes to Game of Thrones for that last bit of speculation. The droopy-eyed soulless Asian butcher/doctor that performed the gender reassignment surgery on Jazz is the Wizard in the Box. Though I’m not sure our droopy-eyed friend will face the same consequential recourse as our favorite castrated Royal Advisor(Noble, Lord, whatever the heck he is) on GOT was able to exercise in a satisfying act of revenge.

That last sentence was grammatically sketchy, but it sounds good so it stays. Most of you guys know what I mean before I’m even halfway through most sentences. You guys are all high functioned. Which I’m thankful for. I don’t want dumb people following me, like Zach Hubbard always says.

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