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Today in upside-down twighlight-zone Clownworld: Zombified Public Line-Up Around the Block for Moronic Testing🤣🤮😂🤮

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LMFAO…”… Today in upside-down twighlight-zone #ClownWorld. Quote of the year.

These people are lined-up to be tested for something that by now, anyone with any shred of common sense should have been able to deduce is a complete farce and news media fabrication of reality. 99% recovery rate… and that’s WITH their inflated/concocted stats. And don’t even get me started on the vaccine. They’ve been forced to admit that you can STILL spread it AND get it even if vaccinated, so it’s actually ONLY a “Hospital Admittance Severity Lessener” and not an actual vaccine.🤣🤮🤯 I’m not kidding. And most people KNOW this and STILL don’t care. I seriously have to forcibly stop people at that point in the conversation/argument and I will then slow-talk and repeat that point back to them and then make them repeat it back to me. ME: “They’re admitting that it’s only a “HOSPITAL ADMITTANCE SEVERITY LESSENER” and not even a vaccine!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??”.

Even if all these fallacies of logic didn’t exist and all these horrific plans for the vaccine weren’t in the works by the EL-ites. Even then there would STILL be NO justification to put unnecessary, unneeded, experimental, “immune-system-compromising” synthetic CRAP into any human beings already perfectly functioning body. Even Hippocrates said that it was the obligation of the doctor to intervene AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

Cry and throw-up. Cry and throw-up. 🤣🤮😂🤮 This is the new normal.

When the hoaxed public health crisis known as the Coronal/Coronation Virus(Covaids/SARS-COV-2) first lurched into and ruined all our lives back in March of 2020, I found myself frantically running around trying to show everyone how fucking stupid they were being and spent a lot of time and effort trying to save them from losing both their life and possibly even their soul. Now…NOW I find myself not caring at all about what happens to anyone from the annoying-ass half of the population who still thinks Covaids is a tangible airborne viral ailment. I’m honestly sitting back and patiently waiting for them all to just finally die already. This isn’t easy for me. I will lose family and friends like anyone else. I will lose just about everyone I know if the worst case scenario plays itself out. I have been mentally preparing for this for over a year now. You should be too.

But let’s face it. They’ve clocked their ticket to the/a Divoc box and will be having their meat suits terminated shortly. Soon they will inevitably succumb to the effects of what by this point has likely been several self-euthanization jabs that they’ve eagerly and idiotically put into their bodies because the TV told them to.

So their time is short. Let ’em wil’ and retard-out. I just want them to be gone as soon as possible just so the world can stop being so shitty. With the complicit Vaxhole contingency of the population dead and gone, the ability for the controllers to fuck with us is severely diminished.

I mean look at this shit. Do you want to save any of these people? If they haven’t figured it out by this late hour then I think we are all better off with that particular lineup of Homosapien genetic stock permanently removed from the gene pool.


BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/NYZMjDr6JOG3/

Source: Richard Citizen Journalist on Telegram: https://t.me/richardcitizenjournalist. And when they start dying they will blame us…

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