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3 Unvaxxinated Girls Commit Suicide AT SCHOOL After Teachers Threaten to Arrest Parents & Imprison Them in CCP Concentration Camps.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vr8g3i-3-unvaxxination-girls-commit-suicide-at-school-after-school-threatens-to-ar.html

Apparently both the schools staff and their fellow students had been pressuring the 3 girls to reveal why they hadn’t been vaccinated yet. The schools administrators went as far as threatening the girls with having their parents thrown in CCP Concentration Camps if they did not submit to their specific demands to reveal their private medical information and justification for why they still hadn’t gotten jabbed.

NO ONE can ask you a damn thing about your private medical information here in the U.S.(HIPPA Privacy Laws). Asking about my vaccination status would be like me asking you how many abortions or sex change operations you’ve had in your life. I’D NEVER DO IT.

I bet there are WAY more people than you want to admit who are smirking at those 3 dead bodies and murmuring to themselves about how “they deserved it”. People have LOST THEIR MINDS and gone full blown psychosis.

Zombies and Vaxholes roam these lands these days. Luckily for the rest of us who still have functioning cerebral cortexes, these dangerous Sheepleton have expiration dates that are rapidly approaching and they will soon do us the favor of dying from the effects of their precious jabs. Would they push the damn button already? What are they waiting for?

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