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Dancing Dummies Doing the Ritual Kali Death Dance. Entire “Overworked” Staff at Hospital in Vienna Perform Elaborate Dance Ritual to Mock Us.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vr8idr-dancing-nurses-and-doctors-in-vienna.html

I hate that damn song so so so much. It’s the same song that all the dancing idiots use for their cringy TikTok posts. If you can’t see that this is all clearly ritualistic in nature then I cannot help you and have nothing for you or to say to you at this point. They are literally doing the Kali Death Dance in our faces.

They even foreshadowed/predictive programmed these dancing nurses in the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies.

You’re being mind-fucked on your way to also being soul-scalped if you are still buying the official mainstream Covaids narrative.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vr8m5b-ritual-for-pandemic-from-2012-olympics-in-london.html

Not only did the entire hospital staff have the time to come out and perform this ridiculous dance routine in the middle of a “stressful Pandemic”, but they also apparently had the time to practice the damn choreography in anticipation of this stupifying and very insulting performance. I would have thought they would have been too busy being overwhelmed by the influx of Covaids patients to have the time to learn such a unnecessary dance routine.

I guarantee you that they play that stupid song in the waiting room of whatever hellish place these quackccinated idiots get their souls locked up upon death.

911 is 711, and The Orange Warning Code – Truthiracy

Beyonce seems to be the one slated by the Illuminati to channel the goddess Kali:

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The whole eerie performance with nurses from Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) dressed in 1950s uniforms pushing around sick children bouncing around on oversized hospital beds was almost as sickening to watch as Barack Obama emerging from the Styrofoam Greek columns at INVESCO Field. | READ: Dancing Nurses & Dead Brits

I’ve been covering these dancing dummies from the start. They are mocking us. The sad part is that most of the idiots doing these ritualistic dances are not actually in on the joke themselves and will be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the Sheeple when it’s all said and done. I would like to thank the EL-ites for that. That’s the only time you’ll ever see me appreciate of anything those fucks have ever done. But they did us a favor by ultimately getting rid of these people for us. That’s if they let the rest of us live. But so long as you clutch onto and keep your soul close your chest until this is all over, dead or alive, you will come out victorious. They cannot kill you immortal soul. They can only hope to imprison it and in order for this to happen you have to end up consenting to your own “Astral institutionalization” persay, whether knowingly or unknowingly. It’s up to God in the end to determine if your captors followed Natural Law leading up to that point. I’m in no position to be the arbiter of that. But I am in a position to comfortably assert that anyone who gets vaccinated will have a pretty crappy time in the afterlife. I’m just saying. Why take a chance?

These Serpent Seed politicians are WAY more dangerous than a contrived strain of SARS that even they are forced to admit that 99% of the population recovers from anyway.


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