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The Black Sun “Oblate Spheroid” Theory & Working Flat Earth Model. | Saturn Matrix Cube, Moloch & the Cannanite EL-ite.


Rumble: Level Earth Mechanics | Santos Bonacci Explains Flat EarthYes, Bonacci is a creepy non-human occultist. But that doesn’t mean he’s lying to you about this. He gives one of the most detailed and intuitive, dot-connecting presentations about the theoretical mechanics and inner workings of the toroidal vortex emanating from the Black Sun that projects our sun and moon upwards and onto the plasma belt of the Firmament(the vacuum of outer space does not exist) which casts these sun and moon images at specific heights in our atmosphere through the opening at the North Pole to the Hollow Earth. Both the sun and and moon are LOCAL objects projected onto the concaved dome of our oblate spheroidal Earth/Terra plain or Crater I should say. The Crater Earth Theory lines up nicely with all this as well as Godgevlamste goes into great detail about the plasma belt and some of the more specific logistics of this complicated and admittedly still-working model.


Experiment proves gravity and space travel a HOAX – Flat Earth Zone


The End of the Fake Flat Earth (2021)

I’m happy to appear to be one of the first to make a neat little digital graphic representing this particular working model of the Flat Earth and how the sun and moon are projected off of the Firmament’s plasma belt via the Black Sun that emanates from within the Hollow Earth(as above so below) and then out the North Pole(Mt. Maru/Agartha) as a toroidal energy vortex. By the way, we all have this exact same kind of toroidal energy vortex behind the optics in our eyeballs and it works in a strikingly similar way to this Black Sun toroidal phenomenon. Almost as if we represent a fractal of a larger working model of the world which is also likely a fractal of an even larger version of this working model that’s embedded within the fabric of the universe itself. We’ve talked about this before: SEE: HELIOCENTRIC & FLAT EARTH MODEL ARE BOTH WRONG. 3,6,9 Timeloop Prison Matrix &| EARTH MAY NOT BE SO FLAT

Masons will try to claim that their insignia is merely representative of the simple protractor and compass and is used as a way to signify their “mastering” of certain “secret” construction methods that gave them these otherworldly technical building skills. Yeah, whatever. Masons are such clowns and likely the butt of many jokes between some of their more competent occult colleagues from other secret orders under the same Illuminati/Black Nobility umbrella.

But people like us have always ignored the laughable “it’s just a protractor & compass” routine and have been quick to point out all the heavy Saturn Matrix Cube/Seal of Solomon symbology built into the design.

But this is the first time I’ve seen a clear graphical representation of an accurate working model of our physical world and that clearly depicts the precise manner in which the Black Sun illuminates the sun and moon in the sky above us. This is where the moon gets its mysterious cold-light energy from.

This Black Sun ⚫ has always been a pretty big deal and has been historically spoken of in the same breathe as Agartha and Hollow Earth AND we know that the Nazis were obsessed with the damn thing. So this revelation shouldn’t be that surprising. But it’s not like I ever would have figured it out on my own.

As far as Masons being these “master builders” and stone masonry magicians of sorts, that’s easily one of the more obvious of the many lies they’ve managed to somehow pass-off as historical fact over the decades. Have they ever showcased these “elite Masonry skills” in a live setting? Lol.

In reality the only thing I can think of that I can guarantee was built directly by these “brilliant” Freemasons is the shitty and clownishly fake International Space Station that they keep using to try to badly fake space. We know for sure they built that shit. 😂

But as far as all those massive magnificent Old World structures that they like to take credit for having built. No chance. Most of those useless & soulless initiates wouldn’t even be qualified to clean the facade of some of those majestic cathedrals.

The parasitic EL-ite controllers are clowns and phonies. They are the “phony Phonecians”. They inherited everything. It’s called FREEmasonry because they literally got all those beautiful buildings that were built by and for giants, FOR FREE after the last reset. They were the winners of the war(or perhaps the lone survivors of a cataclysm) and had the opportunity to re-write history in their favor and to suit their agenda and motives moving forward.

The Phoenician Evil Entities & How It All Went Down!

The Phoenician Death Cult & Their Fake Moon Missions!

The parasites lack creativity and are only able to emulate already-existing moduses of human creativity and originality. They cannot actually “create” like we can and they loathe but envy us for this and is one of the reasons they will always need us in some capacity and why they maintain us as a literal physical resource or as livestock that they raise until a specified age.

Those fuckers have been ripping off the ideas and accomplishments of others since way back when they used to call themselves “The Phonecians”. They even added 1,000 PHONY years to our timeline. It’s actually the year 1022 you know? Did you know that the word “phony” comes from “Phonecian”.

The PHOny PHOnecians aka the Khazar Jews aka the Cannanite EL-ites. Jesuits are Cannanite too. Or EL-ites. Hence the “EL” in “elites“.

I’m not letting those Black Nobility weasels continue to pin ALL the blame on their Khazar/Jewish/Sabatian rivals(and allies in some cases). I know those gnarly-looking, snobbish, inbred, child-sacrificing & torturing Yiddish monsters are an easy target, but Jesuits are FAR more numerous and exponentially more powerful than any contingency of “Jewish Bankers” and engage in the very same dark and disgusting occult rituals and practices that their Sabatian Jewish counterparts have also been known to, but haven’t been as successful in keeping that information “on the low” like most Jesuits have been able to up until now. They just present themselves in a more palletable way to the Western public and have consequentially managed to skirt under criticism’s radar for the most part. Up until recently recently. I’m sure you’ve heard the stat about the Khazar “Jews” being kicked out of hundreds of countries for their abhorrent “religious” practices. However most people don’t now that the Jesuits were kicked out of just as many if not more countries than the Jews, each time for the charge of aggressive political subversion activities.

But both the Khazars and the Jesuits absolutely suck and are trash occultists who hate humanity with an equal tenacity and they both also ultimately look up to Moloch/Baal/El/Yahweh as their go-to guy and main diety. We know all too well what that entity is about:

Blood Sacrifices! Specifically child sacrifice. The first born child(males specifically) is especially valuable to them and they will reward you with a bounty of earthly riches if you oblige and toss your newborn infant in the sacrificial pit of flames. This particular act of child sacrifice was called “Holocaust(HOLOHOAX)” by the Sabatian Jews. Food for thought.

Principalities of Darkness: Pedogate- CERN & Child Sacrifice

The Saturn Moon Matrix And The Frequency Of Satan | YAHWEH = VOLCANO = MOLOCH = SATURN

More on the Khazarian Jews & Alternative Take on World War 2

The KHAZARIAN MAFIA: You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know!

I get off track easily these days. But this stuff is all interconnected. Getting back to the Masonic logo. Symbols in the occult world are designed to carry many layers of meaning in the first place. So it’s not surprising to have found yet another important piece of symbolism embedded within the context of the logo. But this shit is like a SUPER secret that’s hidden in plain plain sight.

In fact, it looks like they even depict the concaved oblate spheroidal surface of our realm in a more detailed version of their insignia that uses an additional curved ruler at the bottom. They put it all out there in plain sight this whole time.

Overall, this presentation and graphical model he illustrated really blew me away and I spend a lot of my time reading and writing about the most shocking of the most shocking, on the reg, so it takes a lot for me to be “taken back” by anything.

This guy must be a current or ex-Jesuit/Mason. I’m not even sure that the mighty and brilliant Godgevlamste had picked up on this yet, and he’s the damn global expert on these complicated “Crater Earth / Black Sun” theories and one of the best at developing scientifically sound hypothetical working models around his brilliant theoretical musings as to how exactly our physical world is setup exactly. He makes a valiant effort to try to answer the hard questions that most are either unwilling, unable or usually too cowardly to. He’s certainly much smarter than I am and I’m infinitely grateful for the time he spends putting together all that fascinating and groundbreaking research. This should be a nice compliment and addition to his work. Not that I’m taking credit for it. Hardly. But the man in the video wanted to keep his identity a secret so his Masonic brothers didn’t kill him, so I have no one to attribute this to.

As far as Santos Bonacci is concerned, I appreciate the detailed blueprint and explanation, but fuck that stupid avatar. This Matrix sucks. I hear Lucifer gets made fun of by his peers for how shitty his fractal reality matrix worlds are compared to the other Nephilim and for how much of an overall tool he is.

The Gitmo Channel. Get More Truth. Q & Crater Earth Theory.

EVERYTHING You Were Taught in School was a LIE | Outline of New & Alternative Scientific & Historical Paridigms | YOU MUST BECOME A FOOL TO LOSE THE WISDOM OF THIS WORLD

The black cube of Saturn, worshipped throughout the world

Cube Saturn Worship – Nicholson1968’s DoUSeeWhateyec

#PT1 SATURN CUBE REALITY STEAM ENGINE POWERED BY HUMAN SOULS BLOOD SACRIFICE – humans are the rats , flat earth dome is the rat trap

The Black Cube, Saturn, Hexagram, 9/11 and Masonic Magic; What Does it All Mean?



“Saros Cycles”, which did come from the Babylonians and they did believe that the earth to be flat. READ MORE

(1) “The Black Sun” is sometimes called “The Black Object”
(2)This “Black Object” is invisible  since it is “always lost in the glare of the sun.”
(3) The moon and the sun are the same size (32 miles in diameter) and the same distance from the earth (3000 miles)
(4) The moon and the sun are in the same orbit.
(5) Apparently the moon and the sun are always exactly spaced (opposite)apart in this orbit (180 degrees apart)
(6) Apparently when it is daylight (sunlight) on one side of the earth it is always dark (moonlight) on the opposite side of the earth.
(7) The sun “acts like a spotliight” and shines down only on the earth.
( 8  ) The moon is self-illimunating” by some “bioluminenescent”(spelling ?) subject or creatures which cause the phases of the moon.
(9)A lunar eclipse occurs when the “Black Object” gets between the moon and the earth and blocks the light from the moon.
(10) A solar eclipse occurs when the “Black Object” gets between the sun and the earth and blocks the light from the sun.


Posted by ricaius on 06/09/2015
I was thinking, what could the “magnetic mountain” at the north pole be? And eventually Dante’s “Divina Commedia”(Divine Comedy) came to my mind.
Here are some interesting notes about Divine Comedy:

Written by Dante between 1304 and 1321.
It tells about Dante’s 7 days voyage through the three realms of the world (inferno=hell, purgatorio=purgatory, paradiso=heaven or paradise)
The story takes place during the week of the spring equinox of 1300, when Dante was in the middle of his life (35 years old) (“Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita…”)

Number of chapters(canti):
Inferno = 33 + 1(introduction)
Purgatorio = 33 
Paradiso = 33
Total = 100

the verse scheme used, “terza rima”, is hendecasyllabic (lines of eleven syllables), with the lines composing tercets according to the rhyme scheme aba, bcb, cdc, ded, …. (again 11×3=33)
14233 total verses

written for the very first time with a language, the so called “volgare” (meaning “popular”) spoken by simple people, from which comes the modern italian, full of metaphors and probably hidden symbolic messages.

Here are some images that depicts Dante’s World:

Mount Meru Magnetic Mountain At The North Pole Fa5hAmj_0aH_RQorYrenMount Meru Magnetic Mountain At The North Pole UoMoZREhOurA4PgXjIdM

Notice the earth is at the center of the universe and everything revolves around it (sun moon planets stars). The earth also has two “hemispheres”, one being the hemisphere of earth (or land) and the other the hemisphere of water, like two half of a ball, with inferno inside the earth (and Lucifer at the bottom), the purgatory mountain coming out of the waters and paradise all up above. Also notice the city of Jerusalem just over the pit of inferno.
The purgatory mountain is surrounded by water and has 7 levels, everyone of which relate to the 7 deadly sins to “purify” from. At the top of the mountain we find the “Earthly Paradise”(often depicted as a big tree).

Mount Meru Magnetic Mountain At The North Pole 3div7tc7mb94YQeTgp2C

Could Mount Meru relate to the purgatory mountain? Or am I just going off topic?
I’d like to hear your thoughts.

As a side note I found interesting the etymology of the word “PARADISO” (Paradise or Heaven):
derives from the greek “paràdeisos” = garden, which comes from the iranic “pairi-daeza” composed by “pairi”=around and “daeza”=wall (!!!)


#FortNite #Island= #SaturnCube #Earth,Firmament breaking, lilith and lucifers coming alien invasion – fortnite this island has flipped = we are now in 4d hell , we were in 3d and now we have flipped into 4d hell , just like in the movie(super mario brothers)








Journey to the Center of the Flat Earth | North Pole Hidden Paradise


Many ancient cultures shared similar beliefs in a sacred place in the north, often described as a harmonious paradise. The Norse would call it Agartha. For Hindus it’s referred to as Paradesha. The Greeks knew it as Hyperborea. The Celtics called it Avalon. Buddhists call it Shambhala and in the Bible, it’s refered to as the Garden of Eden. 

Garden of Eden

That’s just a few of the names. In fact, this place has been dubbed the land of a thousand names. At the center of this paradise is the axis mundi (also called the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world and world tree). 

Axis Mundi or World Tree

This is said to be the connection between Heaven and Earth. Here in the Norse depiction we have yggdrasil which is the tree of life. 

Yggdrasil – Norse Tree of Life

This is Mount Meru from Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cosmology. 

Mount Meru
Mount Meru
Mount Meru

It’s a central world mountain that reaches high into the heavens and resting above it is the north star.


 In the mayan cosmology there is a central pyramid. Same theme with the inca cosmology and the navajo cosmology. 

Mayan Cosmology
Inca Cosmology
Navajo Cosmology

So you get the idea and of course this is fascinating on it’s own, but this is the part where it get’s crazy. In the 15 and 1600’s, many maps were made that depicted 4 large islands in the arctic region surrounding the north pole. 

north pole map
north pole map
north pole map
north pole map
north pole map
north pole map
north pole map
north pole map
north pole map

The most popular map with these arctic land masses comes from 1595 by Gerardus Mercator, where we can see a large black mountain called the Rupes Nigra, surrounded by a great whirlpool into which, 4 powerful rivers flow. These rivers divide a massive landmass into 4 distinct islands. 

These islands were said to have been written about in great detail in a lost book from the 14th century called “The Inventio Fortunata”, which itself, also references much older and similarly lost work. Suddenly in the mid 1600’s, all traces of the 4 arctic lands, the central mountain and the whirlpool had vanished. Not to be seen on any map thereafter. 

Currently we are told that there is no land at the north pole, but instead, a floating ice sheet that expands and contacts from season to season. 

So what do you think? Is the real north pole being hidden from us. Are they hiding land at the center of the earth? Is that why we are told about Santa Clause at a early age and it’s conveniently related to the northpole so that when we inevitably find out that santa claus is total BS, we also dismiss the north pole? Sure feels that way and as usual the truth seems to show up in plain sight on hollywood movies. I just watched that new movie the Dark Tower, based on the Dark Tower book series by Stephen King and sure enough it was all about the axis mundi. 

In the story, whether the books or the movie, the Dark Tower stands at the center of all things.

Dark Tower = North Pole Rupes Nigra

 In the movie, a young boy goes to another dimension called mid world and the only reason he’s able to get in is because quote “his shine is pure”. That’s a prerequisite in alot of the north pole paradise mythology we were discussing earlier. This magical kingdom will only reveal itself to believers, pure in heart. What does this mean? It means that the reader must shed all their past traditional beliefs and open their minds and hearts to the possibilities of the invisible worlds beyond our senses of reality. The Western World has been conditioned to ’see first, then believe’, but in the ’Search for Shambhala’ you must believe first. In the Wonder Woman movie, the guys are on the ocean, it’s dark and foggy, then suddenly they poke through to see beautiful hidden land. 

Wonder Woman 2017
Wonder Woman 2017

On Kong Skull Island, there is hidden land surrounded by a perpetual storm system. When the people finally get there by way of helicoptor, you can see the aurora borealis. 

Kong: Skull Island 2017
Kong: Skull Island 2017

So there we have a arctic hidden land connection. On the movie The BFG, theres a scence where they jump through a water gateway to a hidden land. And again we see the aurora borealis in the scene. 


On the video game, Uncharted 2, we get a cut scene about shambhala. 

Uncharted 2

In the movie The Golden Compass, there is this magical dust at the north pole that connects the world to a parallel universe. 

The Golden Compass

That movie the fountain was a weird one. Had some domed world – tree of life symbolism. 

The Fountain

Here’s one that I didn’t catch tell recently but during the credits of the first thor movie it has the mountain reaching the heavens, depicted in the yggdrasil. 


Of course that ones easy. Thor is obviously full of norse concepts. My favorite part is when they fighting on the bifrost bridge. Aka rainbow road. Now this next movie is by far my favorite on this list. It’s called the Children who chase Lost voices, known as Journey to Agartha in th UK. It’s very straight forward. A little girl journeys to agartha and I highly recommend this one. The story and the animation are just perfect. Visually stunning masterpiece for sure.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices aka Journey to Agartha
Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Check out my video for this blog here:



Black Sun – German Black Sun Secret Society

A German secret society which was allegedly created to prepare the Aryan race to meet the supermen who supposedly live in the proposed hollow earth’s interior.

In Germany, before and during World War I, several secret groups sprouted and coexisted within Teutonic society. The Vril Society began around the same time as the Thule Society when Karl Haushofer founded the “Bruder des Lichts”, the Brothers of the Light, sometimes also referred to as the Luminous Lodge. This group, as it rose in prominence in German culture, united three major societies; the Lords of the Black Stone, the Black Knights of the Thule Society, and the Black Sun Society, later identified as the elite of Heinrich Himmler’s SS. The Black Sun was actually a secret society within the Thule Society.

Although these societies borrowed some concepts and rites from Theosophists, Rosicrucians, and various other Hermetic groups, they placed special emphasis on what they believed to be the innate mystical powers of the Aryan race.

Their belief was that, a half billion years ago, the Elder Race (the Aryans or the Elohim) began to colonize our solar system as theirs, in the star system of Aldebaran, became uninhabitable. Marduk, allegedly a planet that existed in what is today the asteroid belt, was the first to be colonized. Mars colonization quickly followed, and when they came to Earth, these Aryans were known as the Sumerians.

Initiation Ceremony in a Viennese Masonic Lodge During the Reign of Joseph II, by Ignaz Unterberger . . . 

They also believed that the “Black Sun” was a big ball of “Prima Materia” which supposedly exists in the center of the Earth, putting out radiation in the form of Vril energy. This energy or force was known to the ancients under many names, and it has been called Chi, Ojas, Vril, Astral Light, Odic Forces and Orgone. The Black Sun society maintained that a single man possessing and directing this nature’s most potent force, could revolutionize and change the face of the world.

So Dr. Baird claims that “virtually no one” actually ever thought the Earth was flat, even in antiquity. Well, I think the following cultures who created this artwork might have something to say about that.

Normies and mainstream science shills have apparently made the claim that “virtually no one” has ever actually believed the Earth flat and it was only the radicals like us who were the ones who historically tried to assert skepticism over the validity of the Jesuit’s precious heliocentric model. That’s simply a bold faced lie. Let’s read what super-liar Dr. Christopher Baird has to say about it:

Also, virtually nobody has ever believed the earth is flat. This is a myth according to historian Jeffrey Burton Russell, as explained in his book “Inventing the Flat Earth“. As far back as the ancient Greeks, man has known the earth is round. Around 240 BC, Eratosthenes calculated the Earth’s circumference to a fairly accurate value without ever leaving Egypt using shadows and geometry. Christopher Columbus did not sail on his famous voyage in order to prove the earth was round. Rather, he sailed to try to find a quicker route to the Indes going West instead of East, knowing that a round earth means you can go either way. The myth that people once believed the earth was flat was created by authors such as Draper and Dickson in order to exaggerate the conflict between religion and science.” -Dr. Christopher Baird

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