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CULT OF THE MEDICS: CH.6 | Missing Pieces. Topics include:  Pandemic of Corruption, The Club of Rome, The Order of the Alchemists, Deep Church/Deep State, Etymology, The Rockefeller Syndicate, Human 2.0, Dark Matter, Moral of the Story.

CULT OF MEDICS: https://www.cultofthemedics.com/ | ​”Missing Pieces” Topics include:  Pandemic of Corruption, The Club of Rome, The Order of the Alchemists, Deep Church/Deep State, Etymology, The Rockefeller Syndicate, Human 2.0, Dark Matter, Moral of the Story.

The Oath, a Serpent, and a Staff

The above Serpent Staff logo that’s used by the medical establishment is basically the seal our Reptoid controllers use to label any official veterinary documentation and/or guidelines that are used for managing their human livestock. The same way we would have documented procedures and standardized medical treatment protocols for how to raise chickens or cattle for consumption. Any health ailments that are treated are done in a way and in a context that serves the best interests of the shepherd, not the sheep.

This insignia most certainly does NOT represent any organization of humans that are aligned to look out for other humans and/or manage and improve the health of these humans in any meaningful way.

They treat us exactly like the livestock we are to them and subject us to invasive and damaging procedures while also saturating the general population with an ever increasing and steady diet of pharmaceuticals. Doctors don’t actually treat and cure anything these days. They just throw prescription medications at you that do nothing more than supress certain symptoms and in many cases don’t actually “fix” anything. They have ended up creating what has been coined a “Chemical Hell on Earth”.

If it is in fact true and they are still making all med students swear to uphold the continuance of several secret and very anti-human practices and protocols(secret oaths) that go against the very grain of the Hippocratic oath and a doctor’s primary obligation to do no harm to the patient, then ALL you physicians are going straight to hell. I can understand why a technologically superior species might be inclined to exploit another, less intelligent and technically “inferior” species for whatever the reason. But what I can’t understand is how another human could be complicit in the practice of poisoning, exploiting and in many cases openly torturing human patients/specimens via obtuse, invasive and more importantly what they know to be wholly ineffective medical procedures while also knowingly poisoning us with all these excessive pharmaceuticals that they likely know very little about themselves. They are simply told to prescribe certain medications for certain ailments and the pharmaceutical companies pay them handsomely for this.

You doctors are chickenshit sell-outs who would do anything for a shekel. Knowingly helping to prop-up what are fundamentally evil, but standard medical practices, like the administering of a whole lineup of wildly aggressive cocktails of vaccines to all newborns for diseases that haven’t been documented in decades. Or the mind boggling continued practice of using massive amounts of Fluoride in Dental procedures and as an unnecessary additive to our water supply. I’m STILL trying to get all that calcium gunk build-up off my pineal gland that this Flouride has caused.

These corrupt doctors can do just as much damage by what they dishonestly sanction or promote as an “official” position of some government bureaucracy(like what Dr. Fauci does every day) as they can from actually carrying out any physical medical procedure themselves or by prescribing some new PH-IMbalance-inducing pill. They use Big Pharma to do most of their poisoning and is how they inflict most of their damage. Pfizer seriously might be the most evil organization on this planet. They are MSNBC’s primary sponsor.

Left: Bowl of Hygieia. Middle: Rod Of Asclepius. Right: Greek God Asclepius

Let’s describe what’s happening here in layman’s terms. The mainstream medical establishment is really nothing more than an infrastructure of “Human Population Control Clinics” that have been set up by our non-human, possibly Reptilian controllers. Mainstream Medicine is playing the long game and has put practices in place to ensure that the average life expectancy of humanity stays within a specified target range. If people weren’t given an excessive prescription of vaccines at birth and also weren’t pumped full of pharmaceutical products for the duration of their lives, the average life expectancy of humanity would be significantly higher than it is now. They know this and have designed and implemented a very intricate and comprehensive set of protocols that were meant to keep humanity at just the right level of imbalance to best suit their prerogatives. We are a resource to them. Both spiritually AND physically.

Cancer treatments are some of their favorite and most torturous procedures to carry out on their pet humans. Most radiation treatments are as counterintuitive as they are counterproductive and Big Pharma is well aware of countless alternative and much more effective Cancer treatments that they purposefully hide away and suppress in order to keep their population-culling cash machine humming along. I’ve read several alternative studies that show that applications as simple as Baking Soda and Alkaline inhibitors/stimulators have been proven to cure most cancers.

So once again, unless you’ve experienced a traumatic injury and need to get stitched-up or have a broken bone set and cast, then STAY AWAY from the damn hospitals. And if you really care about your health, THROW AWAY your prescription medications! Especially if they happen to be psychotropic drugs of some sort. I shouldn’t have to say this last part, but for the love of the creator God, DO NOT GET QUACKINNATED. Jeesh…

Doctor Says Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals MURDERING Patients (UPDATED)

Alchemy of Power – The Pharma Industry – Its History, its Drugs, and How it Manipulates the World


Here is an ENORMOUS collection of research on this topic.

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“Missing Pieces”
Pandemic of Corruption
The Club of Rome
The Order of the Alchemists
Deep Church/Deep State
The Rockefeller Syndicate
Human 2.0
Dark Matter
Moral of the Story

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Ziggurat of Enki
The caduceus is one of the most ancient of symbols

The caduceus is one of the most ancient of symbols.

You might best know this symbol as the DNA structure and healing used by the medical profession. Since ancient Mesopotamia the caduceus presented two serpents intertwined (the central nervous system) around a staff (the spinal column) with the wings (the “swan”) on either side (the two hemispheres of the brain, with the circle in the center representing the pineal gland, or the central sun and psychic center within). It also symbolized the Kundalini energy.

This was originally the symbol for the Anumnaki-Sirian Creator God EA, or EN.KI the chief of the magicians. The symbol is also based upon the winged globe for the planet Nibiru, the symbol of the royal Anunnaki family.

Enki’s identity, As Lord of the Earth, or In Earth (EN.KI), also known as EA (“whose house is water”) is reflected in other names, as well:


The name Earth also comes from EA/Enki. Actually, the name “earth” can be traced to Enki (a.k.a. EA), and human is related to Ninharsag/Ninhursag, who was Hathor (the House of Horus): HU/Horus is also a transliteration of the ancient Sumerian EA.

The symbol of the caduceus was later transferred to one of Enki’s counterparts, Ningishzida (Thoth), the healing god, and then to others of his family because it was a code for the bloodline of Enki’s heritage. From this symbol of the serpent the power was transferred to the symbol of the Dragon, who continued to hold the knowledge. The dragon could “divine.” This is one reason why we say we and you are of “divine” heritage.Aug 1, 2016 · Public · in Timeline photos

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