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Why the Covid-Jab Will Probably Kill You | BANNED VIDEO EVERYWHERE. Why? Friar Alexis Bugnolo. Horrors of COVID-19 “Vaccine”. What to Expect When Everyone Starts Dying ALL At Once & Society Breaks Down.

I think it’s pretty damn obvious by now what the famous “strong delusion” we were warned about in the Bible is. Lol. It’s not funny though.

If you are one of us few who are still unvaccinated(99.9% of my readers are unvaccinated), this is a MUST WATCH. You need to be ready. You may think you are, but it’s important to hear someone like Father David Nix unapologetically spell it out for you in the way he does and bluntly lay out exactly what’s about to go down and just how horrifying it’s going to be and how we need to be preparing ourselves both physically and mentally.

This Father says a lot of uncomfortable things that many of us need to hear and need to come to terms with and be prepared for. When I say “us” I mean those of us who knew to stay far away from the vaccine and will therefore be alive and WELL awake when the genocidal carnage swings into full gear and everyone starts dropping dead all around us. As sick as this may sound, and as badly as I don’t want any of this to happen, I was built for this shit and would likely thrive in a Mad Max/Twisted Metal style world and pity anyone who tries to cross me or gets in my way in this “NEW new normal”. In a society that has fully broken down, the Alphas are the ones who make all the rules. I’m not saying I’m the most badass individual around. But based on the levels of cowardice and fecklessness that I’ve seen from most of general public since this insanity first broke out, I REALLY REALLY like my chances and cannot wait to vent some of this frustration that’s been building up inside since March of 2020 by steamrolling bitch-ass sheeple without consequence.

Antibody Priming = Excessive immune reaction. When the sheeple start dropping dead, it will be from the adverse reaction they experience from their body’s overreaction to any Coronavirus they happen to catch post-vaccination.

MUST LOOK> Covid “Vaccine” deaths so far. FRIGHTNING.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vrdbgv-banned-video-everywhere.-why-friar-alexis-bugnolo.-horrors-of-covid-19-vacc.html

Source: https://padreperegrino.org/2021/08/jabkill/#

Why the Covid-Jab Will Probably Kill You

By Father David Nix | August 25th, 2021 | Theology

N.B. The opinions and views expressed at or through this website are the opinions of the author and do not reflect the opinions or views of any other individual or the opinions or views of any organization whatsoever, although it is hoped they are entirely faithful to and consistent with Church teaching.

Yesterday, I put this on Facebook a post that included the sentence “if you took the Coronavirus-19 ‘vaccine’ you will probably be dead in two years.”   

There were hundreds of comments to my Facebook post.  Most were in favor of what I wrote.  Some were very angry that I said the jab would kill people. (One microbiologist with a picture of “two Popes” getting the jab as his very Facebook cover photo claimed below that that I ruined his birthday with my post!  I think his ecclesiology is as good as his microbiology if he thinks we can have “two Popes” who licitly promote as part of the Magisterium a deadly medicine made from cell-lines of aborted babies.)

In any case, I still insist the serum will kill you for two reasons:  Medicine and Motive.  If you are tired about reading about the medicine on the C19 “vaccine,” then please just skip to Part B:  The Motive because it has a 75-second video of Bill Gates explaining he will use vaccines to kill 1 billion people.

Part A:  The Medicine

  1. Antibody-Priming.  Animals that went through coronavirus vaccine trials all died at the next slight sickness due to antibody-priming as explained by Br. Bugnolo in this 20 minute video.  See also this Cambridge scientific abstract that says “antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)… occurs in SARS-CoV-1, MERS, HIV, Zika, and dengue virus infection.”  That means that vaccines developed too quickly for any of those diseases may cause variants.
  2. The more the jabbed, the sicker the people, already The Daily Beast is by no means a anti-vax publication, but in an article titled Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis is a Dire Warning to America, they write:  “The country [Israel] launched its national vaccination campaign in December last year and has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 80 percent of citizens above the age of 12 fully inoculated… Fast forward two months later: Israel reported 9,831 new diagnosed cases on Tuesdaya hairbreadth away from the worst daily figure ever recorded in the country—10,000—at the peak of the third wave. “
  3. Long-Term Tissue-Degeneration. It is not a vaccine but rather an “mRNA spike-protein inducer” that promises “cumulative damage and chronic inflammation to cells for years to come.” Dr. Jacob Wes Ulm, MD, Ph.D., a geneticist, explained this concern in detail in a letter to the British Medical Journal, as well as in a public comment to an article about mRNA vaccines on January 2021: “[I]t seems that they [mRNA vaccines] can enter a much broader tissue range compared to even attenuated virus vaccines…And since the mRNA vaccines would induce SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein expression, that seems to mean that people who get the mRNA vaccines are going to have a much greater range of cells and tissues vulnerable to cytotoxic [T-cell] attack…with side effects that may not manifest for years (with cumulative damage and chronic inflammation).”
  4. It is already killing many people.  Just two weeks ago I received two phone calls from two close friends on the East Coast (who don’t know each other) who told me of otherwise-healthy friends who died shortly after taking the C19 “vaccine.”  Another friend on the East Coast told me two otherwise-healthy Dads at her daughter’s school died for unexplained reasons.  Many of us are getting phone calls and texts of otherwise-healthy young friends dying after the jab.  It seems that blood-clots are the big issue.  Finally, the VAERS numbers of deaths due to the C19 “vaccine” deaths are already astonishing, not to mention the fact that Harvard says those numbers are greatly underreported.  I am absolutely convinced that anyone under 50 years old now has a better chance of dying after taking the “vaccine” than catching the virus.  (And as I blogged here, it’s pretty clear it’s the same people who made both the virus and the “vaccine.”)
  5. All-cause deaths were not up globally in a “pandemic” but only following the jab roll-out.  Even if you don’t believe as I do that millions of flu deaths were subsumed into the alleged “covid-death count” in 2020, the mainstream media was unable to hide the fact that 2020 saw no world-wide rise in deaths.  But from 2020 to 2021, deaths are now up in at least the UK (80% vaxxed country) and probably the whole world:

A very worrying trend in the UK

Since the beginning of July, all-cause deaths have risen 12% over 2020 and 9% over the 2015-2019 average:

59,877 (2021)
53,435 (2020)
54,716 (2015-19 average)

And the gap is widening. For the newest available week (Aug. 13) it was 16% over 2020.

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) August 25, 2021

1/ To the vaccine fanatics who are saying, Israel, who cares, Israel’s tiny, muah…

The UK – population 65 million, ~80% of adults fully vaccinated – is very much heading the wrong way.

Deaths are up 10x – yes, tenfold – compared to this time last year. Cases are rising again. pic.twitter.com/dCpD4CWWVH

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) August 27, 2021

Part B:  The Motive

It’s very simple.  This is a global genocide.  Don’t take my word for it.  Bill Gates says says in the below video (that I ripped from his Ted Talk on YouTube and then put up on my own BitChute channel as seen below) that he will use vaccines to kill 1 billion people in order to stop global warming.  The below video is only 75 seconds long, so make sure to watch the last 20 seconds very closely:


Part C:  Scientific Citations

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