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TARTARIAN AIRSHIPS: Titanic and Hindenburg; Two Tragedies, One Plan | The Jet Fuel Hoax & Supressed Free Energy Technologies | The Black Goo & Crude Oil Conspiracy

The institutional suppression of so many of these cool alternative flight technologies, energy types and engine designs is an especially infuriating historical paradigms to learn about. There were some badass technologies that were developed with great success during the 19th and early 20th century(though most was probably inherited Tartarian / Phonecian / Colombian technologies) and the parasitic controllers have manged to suppress just about all of it. Both the Titanic and the Hindenburg were apparently leftover Old World “ether-based” free energy devices that they did not want humanity to know the truth about.

The most sensational piece of heavily suppressed technology is Grebenekovs anti-gravity platform/flying machine that, according to the footage, renders the platform impervious to the effects of gravity and allows one to travel at literally thousands of miles per hour, at insane heights, while simultaneously offsetting the effects of inertia via the gravity distortion field/cocoon that was enveloped around you during fight. Makes the Zeppelin look like child’s play. Makes everything look like child’s play really.

Grebenekov flying around in his anti-gravity machine.

DIY Hydrogen Fuel Cells | Lost Old World Hydrogen & Atmospheric Power Generating Technologies

Free Energy & Industrial Expositions – AUTODIDACTIC | Disposed Civilizations- JOHN LEVI

All I know is that the science behind the flight mechanics of his machine is undoubtedly sound and is actually an emulation of the concaved and conical design of the underside of the wings of certain beetles and Dragonflies. Those specific insects achieve flight by literally offsetting effects of gravity just by the vibrational disturbance that this specific three dimensional surface design is able to naturally stimulate when suspended the air column. How or why this technology has yet to be successfully back-engineered by someone by now(especially since they know the exact species of beetle that he held as a close secret his whole life) is beyond me. I seriously want to start a GoFundMe to finance some kind of operation to achieve this goal.

These Zeppelin Airships are dirt dirt cheap to fuel, own and operate when compared to the modern Jet Airline industry and their crappy petroleum-dependent business model.

I’ve seen some pretty wild videos that have been done on the Jet Airline industry and there are some fairly alarming and unexplainable anomalies that they found when researching the specifics of engine, fuel and speed logistics. They apparently discovered a plethora different fight specifications, protocols and instructions from the manufacturer that make NO DAMN SENSE when compared the actual airspeeds measured, take-off/landing weights/airspeeds, in flight fuel weights, actual fuel consumption rates and many other measurable physical attributes and performance dynamics that are pretty much physically impossible to explain using our current understanding of thermodynamic, physics and aerodynamics.

Nobody owns the air – The Jet Fuel Hoax

Concorde: the impossible plane

Airbus A380 Jet Fuel Hoax

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Jet Fuel Hoax (VIDEO) – Basic workings of a “Jet” engine. | Jet Blue, Jet Fuel Hoax (VIDEO)

Jet Turbine Gasoline Hoax | Christian Flat Earth Ministry. | Turbine Gasoline Hoax. Notice how thin the wing is compared to the people. There is a new conspiracy that I discovered yesterday and that is the jet aircraft gasoline hoax. You might have already known about this but there are many who don’t. Here are two videos that tell part of the story. I would like to add a bit myself.

Diesel Runaways and the Jet Engine Hoax – UAP Channel … | Runaway turbos “fail” sometimes in a strange and sudden exponential increase of energy. Like a resonant frequency destroys a bridge or breaks a glass, the ou…

Those videos get taken down QUICK. Are they actually using a completely different type of technology in order to achieve flight on these “Jet”-engine-equipped aircraft? I’m not ready to take it that far just yet. But I do think there is something here and more to all this. I would love to hear from some pilots about some of these things. Though might be hard to trust any answer given by a pilot since most are complicit in knowingly spraying nanoparticles into our atmosphere(Chemtrails) as a means of poisoning and oppressing humanity.

Tamara(she’s been missing on YouTube for a while BTW 🤔😯 ) once claimed that they don’t even use the Crude Oil that they extract from the ground as an actual fuel source(CLAIM: “Gasoline is synthetic”) but is instead the coveted and mysterious “Black Goo” that the parasites use for a variety of abominable and destructive reasons, including as one of the primary means of maintaining their holographic disguise.

The Beast Predictive Programming (VIDEO) | Tamara goes into the Black Goo and how it relates to the “Beast System”.

Shape-shifting Celebrities: From Tech glitches to Headaches – TAMARA MAGDALENE (MP4 VIDEO)

Another horrific characteristic of this “Black Goo” is its ability to: “take a vector position within the DNA helix of any living thing” -(VIDEO BELOW).

The Bizarre Substance That Seems to Have Intelligence: Black Goo

TRANSLATION: They can use it to literally reprogram your DNA and would be able to transmutate you into something other than a human being.

Black Goo Archons AI & NASA’s Deep Dark Secret – Forbidden … – FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE

As far as it’s use as a holographic veil of sorts, this is what Tamara says and in actuality is one of the least shocking attributes of the “Black Goo” when compared to some of the other shocking characteristics that I’ve read about. She had featured a video of what she claimed was a synthetic humanoid taking a shower in the substance, but of course I cannot find it now for the life of me.

Tamara Magdalene is a deceiver, however we also know she’s been tasked with disclosing certain shocking truths on behalf of the larger occult community for “Natural Law Abidement / Karmic Insurance” related purposes. I really do believe that. She’s brought some of the most sensational pieces of paranormal evidence I’ve ever seen and the sheer level of specificity, obscurity and overall level of detail that she comes at you with makes a lot of claims actually quite believable and at the least extremely fascinating and mind-expanding. There are a lot of conceptual moduses of thought hidden within a lot of her rhetoric. It’s not too too difficult to discern which of her claims to discard and disregard and which ones deserve more attention and fit in with the bigger picture and jive with other things you’ve learned from elsewhere. One must use their own judgment. I don’t fully vouch for anyone.

Nanite technology = Rat Bait = Black Goo = Movies: Prometheus, Black Mirror, Striking Vipers (VIDEO) – YahushuaBenDavid

So I do think that some of these oil rigs could be extracting this Crude Petroleum/Black Goo substance for far more bizarre and horrifying implementations than it’s utilization as the inefficient, oppressive, anti-competitive and monopolistic cash cow that it appears to be on the surface. You must admit that combustion/liquid fuel injected-based engine designs are pretty archaic for 2021.

Posts on “Black Goo”: https://adrenogate.net/wp/?s=%22Black+goo%22

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Black Goo, Chemtrails, Alien Technology, Nanobots, Morgellons Presentation 6 Years Old Must Watch! (VIDEO) | Rumble — The most in depth presentation on black goo, morgellons, chemtrails, nanobots and other aspects of these agendas that many haven’t heard. This video is 6 years old.

We look far far below and beyond the surface around here. Lol. Going as deep as I go is certainly not for everyone. That last sentence was not meant be sexual unless you wanted it to have been. WTH is wrong with me? Lol. 😇😛😎

I’m all over the damn place these days. Look at all the different topics I mange to spin off one and other these days while also somehow finding an excuse to fire-off some perverted innuendo out of nowhere. I have no idea where each post will ultimately end up going until the very end. Perhaps this is why the A.I. has been soo thoroughly unsuccessful in controlling me up to this point. Even I have no idea what I might say or do at any given time or in response to any given stimulus. My train of thought could ultimately lead anywhere. I guess if the A.I. really was able to read your mind, the only way to escape its wrath would be behave as erratically and as unpredictably as possible at all times. Always remaining cognitively and consciously void of any semblance of a specific or concise plan at the forefront of your mind at any given point in time. Yup… that’s me. Plus I don’t have the time to make a separate post for each different tangent.

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