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How “Science“ has become a religion | Crow777 Talks About His Own Working Flat Earth Model. | Holographic Moon & Simulated Sun.


Crow777 is one of the original O.G.’s and a fixture within the “Flat Earth” world and is most known for his sensational “Lunar Wave” footage that was getting censored all over the damn place on YouTube once the phenomenon started gaining notoriety and more importantly, views. I remember Tyler from SecureTeam losing his shit when this footage first dropped. And rightly so.

It meant one of two things. (1.) The sun and moon are actually holographic projections and not physical artifacts. (2.) The moon is actually suspended within or behind the liquid-like plasma of the Firmament that encapsulates our world. I actually think that BOTH postulations hold merit, in that the parasites project a false sun and false moon onto the Firmament in order to hide from is the true versions which might give humanity certain prophetic queues that the parasites don’t want us to have access to. Rose Hannah has provided us with a TON of examples over time of them doing exactly this.

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MOON REVERSING COURSE? “Anyone care to explain why the Moon is going in reverse? The fake lunar satellite that’s up there… isn’t saying hello. It’s well in front of the house. Oh wait. Better yet. The ball stopped spinning.” – @janiszewski_q

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I had no idea that we are CONSTANTLY erroneously predicting the dates of the Equinoxes and Solstices. Are you kidding me? The mainstream model either works or it doesn’t. If they can’t even accurately predict the cycles of the sun and moon using their stupid-ass Heliocentric model then how was that shit not dead in water long long ago? I mean WTF? College grad students should have been smacking their Science professors upside the head and forcing them to either explain this these inconsistencies or to step aside and to stop publishing papers on a laughable scientific hypothesis and promoting what they must know by now is a completely broken model of our planetary residence and its working and moving parts. Mainstream Academia SUCKS. SEE: Category “Fake Academia”.

EXACTLY What’s Wrong With Mainstream Science & Academia in General
EVERYTHING You Were Taught in School was a LIE | Outline of New & Alternative Scientific & Historical Paridigms | YOU MUST BECOME A FOOL TO LOSE THE WISDOM OF THIS WORLD

And like many of us within the “alternative Sciences and alternative Academia” world, Crow777 has distanced himself from the traditional Mark Sargent-esque Flat Earth Model in favor of a much more holographic and synthetic working model where everything in our natural world is actually contrived, predetermined and thoroughly filtered and hidden behind a deceptive veil that cleverly hides base reality from the human livestock imprisoned within it.

The Earth May Not Be So Flat After All | Mark of the Beast, 3-6-9 Time Loop(88) Matrix


Our reality is not one of happenstance taking place a natural and organic physical world in the way most traditionally and understandably assume it to be. What do I mean by that? Well, instead of focusing so much on what the “shape” of this damn place is, we need to first make a much higher quality hypothesis on exactly “what” the Earth is in the first place. Until we understand more about the nature of our own reality, determining the geometric shape of our realm is ancillary at best and at worst, completely irrelevant.


This website is a great resource on this subject matter.

How “Science“ has become a religion


The Official Story  According to Mainstream SCIENCE

Fourteen point Seven Billion Years ago (14.7 thousand million), there was NOTHING.  And then suddenly, NOTHING exploded into EVERYTHING.  All the matter in the Universe was created during that Big Bang that came from NOTHING.  After a bunch of stuff happened, none of which we have the math for yet, Galaxies, Stars and Planets coalesced in their INFINITE (but also EXPANDING) vacuum.  Then, over 4 Billion Years ago, our planet Earth formed in the perfect “Goldilocks” zone, all the while furiously spinning on it’s tilted axis at over 1,000 Miles an hour (at the equator), around a GIANT BLAZING BALL OF GAS, itself BILLIONS of years old, which is flying t 66,600 miles an hour through our galaxy, which is going at 500 MILLION MILES PER HOUR into NOTHINGNESS.

Earth just spun and chilled for a few HUNDRED MILLION YEARS, before SUDDENLY, OUT OF NOWHERE, with math we don’t have yet, INERT MATTER turned into SINGLE CELLED ORGANISMS which, for no apparent reason simply DIVIDED, RE-ORGANIZED and SELF-REPLICATED, becoming complex MULTI-CELLULAR LIFE that then morphed into FISH and – fast forward while our “NUCLEAR REACTOR FURNACE SUN” remained perfectly stable, heating us just right from 93 MILLION MILES away and suddenly BIG, SIMPLE DINOSAURS appear.  Then APES, who then turned into TINY SMART PEOPLE.

All of this, BY ACCIDENT, on some random spinning rock moving in multiple directions simultaneously, at incredible, breakneck speeds.

We believe all of this despite sitting here seemingly perfectly still.

THAT’S MODERN DAY SCIENCE.  But, asking “Where is the Rest of Antarctica?”, well, that just ridiculous.

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