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The Holographic Disclosure | Is YahushuaBenDavid the Neo “Savior” Figure Who Breaks the Matrix? Scientist Talks About Him and the Mandela Effect | The World Ended in 2012. We Live in a Simulated Holographic Copy of Base Reality

If there is in fact a Matrix-breaking individual in the human population right now, my favorite content creator of all time “YahushuaBenDavid” would definitely be the number one candidate. He’s on Bitchute channel #3 by this point and went through countless YouTube channels leading up to those.

Below is a scientist from CERN talking about the Mandela Effect and this “savior” figure who breaks the Matrix and corrupts its fractal-based code and has been triggering alternative timelines that had not been anticipated(Hence the arise of the Mandela Effect phenomenon). He says they are talking about him. I have no reason to doubt him at this point. I’ve watched literally all his videos. Anyone who thinks he’s crazy is either a dummy or a NPC avatar. If you can’t follow what’s he’s saying then you weren’t ever supposed to understand. I’ve learned more about the occult and our false Matrix reality from his videos than from anywhere else.


RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vrhr57-this-video-is-satan-the-scientist-talking-about-me.-i-am-neo-i-destroy-this.html

The World Ended in 2012: CERN Destroyed the Universe (VIDEO)

Ben says that the world actually ended in 1999 and not in 2012.

YahushuaBenDavid Bitchute channels and older WordPress Video Dumps from original YouTube channels:

Despite all the horrific and uncomfortable truths I’ve learned in my quest for truth, I have still retained my faith in the existence of a benevolent creator God and anticipate him allowing for this Matrix to fail in the very near future. It’s both physically and theoretically impossible for the order and mathematical cohesion that we are able to measure in various aspects of Biology & Physics to have been a result of the Darwinian happenstance of primordial sludge that was magically transfused into organized life at some point in the aftermath of the formation of our planet via the equally unlikely accretion-disk phenomenon in their clownish world of fantastical spinning balls that whirl through the impossible near-pefect vaccum of space at equally impossible speeds.

While looking for the original YouTube channel that made the Mandela Effect Whistleblower video I found another channel “Think Neo”. It’s relevant. I think there is a good chance that of us humans that are left, we have been separated from each other and imprisoned into immoral fractal simulations where we are the only actual human in our particular virtual world and that characters like YahushuaBenDavid are cryptically written into the fabric of the fractal code that makes up the Demiurge in order to allows for a miniscule few of the loosh-farm-imprisoned humans to eventually discover the truth and break themselves out from the fractal timeloop that we’ve all apparently been stuck within for a good few generations by this point. I think that part of the deal or arrangement that the Progenitor of the Demiurge has with the creator God is that certain measures have to be taken when creating the Matrix that would eventually theoretically allow for the individuals within the simulation to discover the truth about the nature of their reality and choose to NOT participate any longer if they so choose. I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this would not consent to this simulation. Though if my theory is correct, no other actual human would ever read this. At least not in this timeline of this world in this particular version of the “Saturn / Black Sun Base-Reality simulation”. If this message is somehow able to leak or seep through any interdimensional cracks in the Quantum fabric of this machine that I’m stuck in and make it to any of my people, then that’s where I’ve been told I’m at. Stuck in the Saturn Matrix Cube aka Black Sun Toroidal Vortex simulation that may or may not be located on one of the Moons of the real original “Saturn” crater in the year 2021(really 1021 but 1,000 years were added to our timeline during the parasite reset of the mid 1800’s). So come save me please. Lol. Or at least send me some kind of care package through the substrate of the substrate of our semi-ethereal binary code based “Internet” that I’m using at this very moment.

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