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PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING: Gerald Ford Predicts That The 1st Female President Will Be a Result of a Female Vice President (Kamala?) Assuming Command After the Death of the Sitting President

It’s as-if they’ve been anxiously waiting for years for the opportunity to make this particular paradigm come to fruition. Like salivating in anticipation of it. It just gets more and more blatant(Predictive Programming). Though, we know that Kamala Harris is actually a Libyan man named Kamal Aroush, so if you want to get technical about it, it’s still not a woman President. I’m just saying. Unless you subscribe to the idea that ALL the EL-ites are gender inverted(I’m a pretty big proponent of that theory), which would mean they’ve ALL been woman Presidents up to now.


I was actually expecting them to pull the trigger and make that move almost right away but they are still plopping Dementia-Joe up there on that podium to awkwardly read his scripted monologues to a carefully controlled room of super-shill journalists. I’m sure they have it marked off on their calendars for some point in the not too distant future.

More verification that the parasite is obligated to predictively disclose EVERYTHING they intend to do, especially when implemented with the purpose and intention of manufacturing deception and misdirection. It’s all about the adherence to Natural Law and despite the valiant efforts of the parasites to make it appear as though they’ve always abided by Natural Law, they have been breaking it left and right since the onset of the Scamdemic and were even regularly breaking it well before that through their Chemtrail operations and continued poisoning of our water supply and pharmaceutical products(which ARE poison).

I did NOT and do NOT consent to any of that shit. So I will be citing those specific examples in Natural Law court if any frivolous claims are attempted to be made on my soul once I’m finally liberated of this uncomfortable meat suit once and for all. I DO NOT CONSENT. Say it with me. Say it to your ass-clown employer who might be trying to coerce you into a jab. I just spoke to the nurse at the large hospital/doctors office of my Endocrinologist and she was all giddy that she had just been approved for her religious exemption. You have options that they don’t want you to know you have.

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