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“If the masses understood signs and symbols they would-stop voting and believing in ALL politics, stop watching the mainstream news, stop ALL their idol worship, stop going to toxic healthcare providers…”

You’d have to be raging dummy of clinical proportion if you have yet to realize the diabolical motives behind these quackcinnation campaigns. Society as a whole is most definitely experiencing clinical Mass Psychosis at this point.

Maybe you’re one of those atheists(🤮🤮I almost respect Satanists more than Atheists) and don’t believe in things like an immortal dimensional transcending soul or the existence of an afterlife to host this Astral/Ethereal “soul” and therefore would deem my concerns as nothing but Poppycock. That’s your prerogative and you’re free to take such a short-sighted and pretentiously ignorant approach to the spiritual paradigm(or lack thereof). But what if you’re wrong? If I’m wrong then it means we simply just “wink-out” into oblivion upon death, with nothing else to worry about. Alleviated from the apprehension or responsibility of what may lay ahead. But if you’re wrong, well, you’re like fucked fucked. Like FUCKED fucked fucked. For eternity that is. Not for a year, or a hundred years, but For-EV-ER. Eternity isn’t a concept that humans are very good at grasping to begin with, but take a shot.

It’s not like I’ve been asking anyone to join a cult here or worship any particular God. I’m simply warning you about something that should be abundantly obvious for anyone with a brain to see, which is that that these “things”(whatever they are) have been expending an ENORMOUS amount of time and resources into placing their mysterious experimental pharmaceutical product into your body. Diseases with the severity level of their theoretical SARS-COV-2 aka “Covid-19” have been around since forever and they’ve never done anything like this crazy-ass shit in response to a novel novel “virus”. So OBVIOUSLY something else is going on here. Cmon man!

They appear to be trying to take SOMETHING very important from you and that “thing” is not something that can be easily identified in our physical world and is why they’ve had such great success thus far in duping so many into giving up their bodily autonomy, granting them unprecedented access to this etheric soul with the purposes of imprisoning it and permanently severing the connection from the source aka “God”.

Is holding onto your human pride in this shitty and very temporary substrate called “3D reality” really so important to you that you would risk such a nightmarish and bleak prospect for your possibly very real and conscious soul? Throwing caution and inhibition to the wind and submitting yourself and your body to the whim of these psychopathic geezer bureaucrats and politicians who barely even seem human or even appear to know what’s even going on half the time as they obediently recite the scripts given to them by the parasites puppeteering them behind the veil in the background?

Dr. Fauci hasn’t even be shown in his flesh and blood version since that one honest interview he did at the onset of Covaids hoax when he accidentally admitted that masks were useless. I think they snuffed his ass out right after that and used it as an excuse to BETA test their image-maker software on the Fauci character(they are ALL just characters). They had already successfully(not everyone was fooled) used the software on the Hanx character on SNL, so they were emboldened to push forward and I’ve seen Brennan and Comey avatars used on MSNBC since then. You are being deceived. Badly deceived by what’s been a heavy-handed but very low quality ruse.

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The “Warrior Women” aka the Androgynous Baphometic “women” of Hollywood.

I’m still unsure if the primary motive behind the Baphotranny movement is to pervert and defile God’s original creation OR if it’s designed to pay tribute directly to the Baphomet and the androgynous nature of the Fallen Arc Angels. I really don’t know, but it’s freaking gross either way.

The Warrior woman!

They all have the same story, present and past, dating back to Ishtar, the goddess of love and warfare from Babylon.

What do they ALL have in common? Warrior woman, male bodies and winning awards tricking the masses

Endless Ishtar’s on the world stage. Brie Larson, Captain Marvel 🥴

Ishtar, the evil goddess you see represented everywhere. It’s THEIR WORLD we are living in. Learn signs and symbols and break free!

When it has to do with “elite” and their evil schemes, there are numerology connections.

They love their numbers. Check this out. 9, the devil’s number, all the across the board!

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Is the cross symbolic for the soul, and the snake the evil parasitic Cabal? These historical esoteric occult drawings may be revealing something.

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