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Are the Black-Eyed-Babies of Vaccinated Mothers Alien Hybrids? Are They Host Bodies for Demonic & Parasitic Intelligences?

I hope that you are alarmed by now. If this clip doesn’t alarm you then I have serious doubts about your humanity.

Why are they doing this? Do they expect to completely replace Homosapiens with this hybrid race? Have they been able to alter the DNA of these babies in order to yield these black-eyed soulless hybrids? I think the answer is “yes”. They want the current version of humanity replaced with these things. I think… think that they are using these things as host bodies for the demonic and parasitic intelligences that require a host body in order to operate in this world. Some of these intelligences could be thousands of years old, hence why some of these babies appear to be way too smart and physically coordinated for a child that age.

This one reminded me of “Baby Alexi“. Lilith & Lucifers child. Lol. This isn’t funny though. This is serious shit.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vrp6pe-are-the-black-eyed-babies-of-vaccinated-women-human-alien-hybrids.html

Orwell City were the ones who first dropped this story and since then the Black-Eyed-Babies have not stopped appearing. This latest clip made my stomach drop. YahushuaBenDavid joked that he would put the baby up for adoption if his ever came out looking like that. LOL. I tend to agree. I wouldn’t trust that baby not to sneak up on my with a kitchen knife and slit my throat as a toddler. Though it did look kinda cute in an exceedingly creepy way and I’m sure I’d be suckered into raising it. I’m only human.


Source: https://www.orwell.city/2021/09/black-eyed-babies.html?m=1

ORWELL CITY: La Quinta Columna on more on Black-Eyed Babies (Pandemic Babies)

September 28, 2021

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vn1xa9-la-quinta-columna-on-more-on-black-eyed-babies-pandemic-babies.html

As promised, La Quinta Columna shares more videos of newborns whose parents were inoculated between December 2020 and January 2021. Babies also known as Pandemic Babies or, more recently, Black-Eyed Babies.

In addition to the syndromic features they present, what is most striking about them are their black eyes and their accelerated aging.

Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillanos comment on this in the following video brought to you by Orwell City.

Ricardo Delgado: As promised, I’ll show you the video of these births… children whose parents were vaccinated at the end of December 2020 and the beginning of January 2021. Before conception, logically, before pregnancy and childbirth. 

So, what we’re seeing is that these children have sort of a syndromic effect. They have several characteristic features, such as the blackish color of the eyes when they’re usually light when they are born. Then they acquire the color they’re going to have when the retina and the iris are formed. 

But let’s proceed to see the images, and you judge according to what you see.

Well, the truth is that the music isn’t the most suitable. If these images are legit… You’ll have to choose them carefully. It’s true that we’re getting more and more of these videos, though. 

It’s as if there was premature aging. And, physical qualities that should be seen at a year or a year and a bit, these babies already express them at very early ages, such as attempts to crawl at 2 weeks. Things that aren’t normal. Apart from those black eyes, which is not exactly normal.

We have shown, in the beginning, a video a bit worrying on the subject of the ‘black eyes,’ as they call the children born in 2021. Babies born after the previous vaccination of the parents. And what you see… Well. As we say, we’re taking these cases ‘with a pinch of salt,’ until we have more material to give more credibility to the subject

But what we observe is as if there were an aging or premature development in them. Children of 3 months can walk, for example, when the normal is from… I think the closest month that I have seen is nine or ten. Something like that.

Dr. Sevillano: Before 14 months, more or less. It has to be 12 or 14 months old to start walking. But well, they can do that from 9 or 10 months or so.

Ricardo Delgado: Crawling at two weeks, for example. That’s not normal, isn’t it?

Dr. Sevillano: That’s not normal. No. No. No. 

Some children are advanced. But the eyes, indeed, attract a lot of attention. And it’s necessary to observe everything related to these children to know what kind of children are being born after vaccination.

It’s that… this has to be stopped earlier.

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