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Gog and Magog, Satan and His Son , Rob Dydrek is George Bush, Satans Son


Gog = Satan | “Gog” is Anagram for “Dog” aka Sirius Dog Star (Lucifers home), Dog-headed God = Big Bad Wolf(Lilith = Little Red Riding Hood) aka Anubis(also known as being horse-headed).

Magog = Satan’s Son = Lucifer(Nephilim Demigod, NOT full-blooded Fallen Angel)

I need to put together some more detailed research on the Lucifer vs. HaSatan paradigm and the distinct differences between the two. There have been a lot of confusing traits that have been assigned to both these figures by various spin-offs of Christian theology over the centuries, which has led to many misconceptions about them. I want to know what the earliest Gnostic teachings and Druid/Irish texts have to say about those two. Gog & Magog and HaSatan vs. Lucifer. Those sets of relationships aren’t necessarily analogous to the other, depending on who you ask.

I should note that Lucifer is a Latin name anyway, so who this “light-bearer” and “Morning Star” was exactly is something I need to learn more about if I’m going to keep taking a shots at explaining things that humans weren’t exactly built to be able to understand.

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