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CirstenW Dead? WTF? “Died After Being Denied Ivermetcin While on a Ventilator”… LMFAO.🤣😅😂

So the word on the street is that CirstenW is dead from Covaids. Blahahaha. Her followers are likely joined in low-functioning unisen mourning the loss of their truth-bomb slinging dummy lady(or man depending on who you ask) who only a braindead simpleton would actually believe was dead. She’s mocking you with that “all-seeing-eye” pose in the below photo of what I initially thought was a random Chinese man hooked up to a ventilator, but it’s actually supposed to be CirstenW.

I get that this seems to be the scripted fate of all the Gatekeeping shills in the “truther” community, no matter how high or low quality their performance had been up to that point. And her performance was about as piss poor as it gets. On one end of the shill spectrum you have the Rob Skibas and Robert David Steeles of the world who had accrued their followers with a more elegant mixture of truth and bullshit as their means of gaining the trust of their viewership before ultimately faking their deaths.

While CirstenW was more about blurting out the most outrageous and usually completely unverifiable claims about these supposed waves of secret arrests that were going down behind the scenes that somehow, only she was being given live intelligence briefings on. How she ended up with the 50k Bitchute followers she did is beyond me. She was like a super retard. A caricature of the MAGA-brainwashed idiot assclowns who worships the orange man at all costs.


Dummy Lady CirstenW Has Total Meltdown, Refuses to Condemn Known Pedophile Timothy Charles Holmseth & Actually Believes He Heads a Taskforce at the Pentagon

Below is her Telegram account.

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