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Is a new age of sentience starting? We are literally living through a rapture caused by a mass suicide of non-sentient people. | NPC’s(Non Player Characters): Soulless Beings of the Matrix

This guy is just as shocked as I am as to how many Non Player Characters there actually apparently are in the general population. Who could have ever imagined just how few humans were actually left? Maybe YahushuaBenDavid is right when he says there are only between 10 and 100 humans left alive on earth at this point.

I liked how he called it a “Rapture of non-sentient peoples”. That’s an exceedingly well-articulated definition or attempt at an explanation for what’s happening to our society.

While he estimates that between 50% and 70% of people are NPC’s, I think the figure is actually much much higher. 95% would be a more accurate estimation in my humble but unapologetic opinion. Just about everyone around me has shown themselves to be uselessly compliant to any and all asinine Covaids restrictions, with an equally unacceptable and inexplicable susceptibility to accepting propagandizing, outrageous and nonsensical rhetorical mouth diarrhea from the Intelligence Agency-operated lamestream media and their politicians. In fact, most of the crap that they spew these days is generated by Artificial Intelligence. Likely by #Tyler himself. I don’t think any of the politicians that we see on TV have a single autonomous thought anywhere in their likely synthetic heads.

LOL. Anyone embarrassed yet for ever having actually listened to a word any of these Pinocchio puppets ever said? They are literally computer avatars who are fed lines by a fucking A.I. BOT.👇👇👇

Have any of you ever actually watched a show like “Morning Joe”? I hope the answer is “hell no“, as I do NOT recommend watching any of those tools. But out of happenstance I ended up watching a solid 5 minutes of “A Marxist and a Murderer” the other day and I could literally feel my mental health deteriorating with each despicable sentence that was muttered. I’m not kidding. It was crazy. As if they were casting literal Magick spells to the already thoroughly hypnotized masses with each word that was carefully delivered. Their target audience will be mostly dead soon so we should finally start seeing some relief from this insanity over the next few years. Most of the “experts” on our end of the spectrum agree that within the next 4 years anyone who has complied with this quackcinnation insanity will be dead. That prediction seems to be right on track with the recent surges in fatality rates.


By @AltSkull48 | https://t.me/fringeculture/4777

Or, there won’t be a mass die-off because of the covid shots, which is a potentially even bleaker future, when you play out whatever the real purpose behind these things must be.

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NonPlayerCharacters In The Matrix– Video. Replay of Michelle Walling interviewed by Shane from Unbiased and on the Fence from September 13, 2018. Current events including the ability to spot “backdrop people”, or what Shane calls “NPC’s”, and many more matrix topics.

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Nonplayercharacters in the matrix game of life. Before I start discussing about the Soulless beings. I would like to remind you that the Matrix Game of Life is a mind game, A dream-like game, only happening in our minds. Of course, like all other games, it has characters.

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NonPlayerCharacters In The Matrix– Video Filed in NPC’s vs. Organic Consciousness , Videos by MichelleWalling on October 14, 2018 Replay of Michelle Walling interviewed by Shane from Unbiased and on the Fence from September 13, 2018.

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Is there subterfuge behind our pride in “human” emotion…?

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The question is if most people are nonplayercharacters then why doesn’t the demiurge just use them to forcibly subdue the rest of us. There are a lot more of them then there are of us. If he can’t then it seems his access to the programming is limited.

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Here are 10 signs that a ‘Non Player Character’ will show. See if you can identify yourself with any of them. 10 Signs You Are A NPC In Real Life: 1. Every single day seems the same. You wake up, you check your phone, then you wash yourself, eat, go to work. After couple of hours of soul sucking you get back home, turn on the TV, eat …

In the matrix game of life, playercharacters and nonplayercharacters, are all playing the game together, apparently without any difference, but deeply there is a huge difference. The difference between those two categories is the soul. The soul is the container of the Source Self fractal. The soul connects all game pieces together. The …

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A phrase from the world of video games, nonplayercharacters, or NPCs, is used in the film, attesting to the idea that those around you are simply going through the motions while you exist on a …

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