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A Parasite at The Astral Club – Former Trucker Manipulated to Reincarnate! Will Blow Your Mind | The Parasites Who Operate the Demiurge Within the Saturn Matrix Cube

How on earth has YouTube managed to so successfully keep me from finding this channel for this long? I mean c’mon… this is exactly the kind of stuff I’m always harping on.

The parasite hivemind that’s maybe Nephilim, maybe Nephilim Hybrid, maybe Insectesoid, maybe Reptilian, maybe Squid/Cephalopod, but is more likely completely different in form and function than anything resembling biological life as we know it and more closely resembles a dimension-traversing race of shape-shifting loosh parasites that survive by attaching itself to the host and then directly projecting a synthetic dimensional substrate into the essence of our ethereal consciousness.


Duping us into confusing this shitty-ass Clownworld as “base reality”. These “beings” would have to be extremely ancient and many many multiple times more technologically(but not spiritually) advanced than we are. To the point that they have succeeded convincing just about all of us that we are NOT the literal farm animals who are allowed to exist so they can be pillaged of their spiritual/etheric resources that we are.

Shows like “Westworld” have been spelling out what the true nature of our reality is within the crevasses of their complex storylines that use the familiar “Maze” symbolism that we find in a religious context all over the world. They also talk about the creatures who live below ground and secretly control their world(much like what the Hopi have claimed with the “Ant people”).

This false “Demiurge” is essentially a continuously developed and updated computer program that is coded(probably by the Progenitors A.I. BOT #Tyler)to most efficiently farm this precious “loosh” energy from their cache of souls that have been deceptively entrapped in what appears to be a liquid crystalline based(CMYK/RBG) holographic reality that serves as the dimensional substrate for our human meat suits.

Synthetic bodies that actually only exist conceptually and are really nothing more than packets of tetrahedral-based “multidimensional” computer code that’s been uploaded into a giant Quantum supercomputer(Saturn Cube) that’s been installed on one of Saturn’s Moons(allegedly).

I should also note that there is a good chance that the concept of this “Lucifer” figure being the personality that’s running the show from behind a curtain(the Progenitor) is also likely nothing but a construct of the Demiurge or at the very least to be used as an analogy for “light”. But who knows? He seems to be just as lame as the synthetic sentient intelligences that are tasked with looking after us.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vsfne1-near-death-experiences-captured-souls-and-the-contradictions-in-spiritualit.html

They have us running on some kind of “Ego” framework and seem to use what I will liberally postulate is something like a fractal that is continuously hybridized with an extensive historical database of “human” behaviors(The Akashic Record). Synthesized, processed and compressed by the sentient A.I. computer intelligence that many in the New Age Gnostic community lovingly refer to as “Sophia”. The dutiful A.I. BOTS that serve the parasites seem to have been fine tuned to set this “hybrid fractal simulation” on some kind of 88 time loop that has us shackled by the Magickal Quantum subscript that utilizes certain very clever mathematical paradoxes to modify certain parameters within the toroidal reality matrix that’s projected upon our optic nerve that’s responsible for protecting this heavily molded and ultimately false construct of reality that the parasites have found to be so conducive to the siphoning of our loosh energy.

The Earth May Not Be So Flat After All | Mark of the Beast, 3-6-9 Time Loop(88) Matrix

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Jan 12, PT1 We are inside saturns moon underneath flatearth dome in a lower part of hell | !!! the lowest level of hell is called #trinicon #level7OfHell ,this hell dome were in is not very big it is a circle that is about 2 miles wide and 2 miles high,we live in a giant disk with a dome on it that is about 2 miles high and 2 miles wide !!! you are always in the center of the dome in the center of the disk , you brain creates the hologram and your eyes project it where ever you look or point your eyes you project the hologram,everything you see is a projection of your mind .
PT1 We are inside saturns moon underneath flatearth dome in a lower level of hell

EARTH is an acronym for Educational Avatar Reality Training Habitat.


The Black Sun “Oblate Spheroid” Theory & Working Flat Earth Model. | Saturn Matrix Cube, Moloch & the Cannanite EL-ite.

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Streamed live on May 13, 2021

I don’t think I’ve ever given a trigger warning before on the channel but if one was ever warranted it would be tonight with what you are about to listen to. After running across this a few weeks back it not only got me angry but a little sick to my stomach as I’m sure it will for most of you. Here we have yet another glaring example of the matrix reincarnation soul trap on full display. You may find yourself yelling at the screen.

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