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#ClownWorld Fractal Magick | 🐆 Luck lost (Ʊ) – Fractal [Jaguar]spots (dis-ease Ω) won

. Jacksonville Jaguar euthanized days before, because of dis-ease Ω

Let’s see if this fractal also appreciates my nod to the clowns they seem to admire so much with my recent featuring of the #ClownWorld insignia atop the website. I also use the damn hashtag several times a day practically. I know that the graphic I’m using originally came from InfoWars, but they don’t own the damn term and it’s time someone else benefited from some memetic sigil clown Magick of sorts by appealing to the fractal. I need the help and assistance more than Alex Jones, that’s for sure. The Matrix has seemed fixated on making sure that I’m as uncomfortable as possible during these ultra-clownish times as I’m forced to sit back and helplessly watch the rest of society succumb to complete Zombification.

I agree with his assessment and contingency plan if this “Clown Fractal” phenomenon starts to get out of hand. We should definitely pull the plug and stop feeding into it if things begin exponentially veering into increasingly dark and antisocial directions. So I’m not so sure it’s a “good” thing to play around with and “appease” the fractal, but we all have to learn for ourselves. Though I don’t think I’d go as far as severing all connection to the internet like he says he would do if the fractal began to snowball out of control with the clown shit. Lol. But seriously. I have been experiencing a very similar phenomenon with this clown shit.

I think the big “Blackout” we’ve been warned about is duc very very soon(Q: “Booms are coming” and I’m woefully unprepared physically, but fairly well prepared and equipped mentally for what’s waiting for us just around the hellish corner as this Matrix is scrapped once and for all. Then Lilith and everyone else can be free!

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