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The Real Eminem Died Years Ago

Source: https://thelowdown0.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-real-eminem-died-years-ago.html?m=1#.Vx-vQ6ODGko via https://gizmodo.com/the-illuminati-s-secret-celebrity-murder-and-cloning-ce-1771968163

The Real Eminem Died Years Ago

Maybe you’ve heard about Eminem dying back in 2005 in a car crash, and maybe you’ve heard the rumors about the new Eminem being a clone of the old real one. Even if you were never a fan of Eminem, this story is sure to be of interest if you are a truth seeker. In my opinion, after researching this even a little, it’s obvious that he did die in 2005 and the Eminem that has been in the public after has been a clone. 

This brings up further questions of course, like can they clone humans and are they cloning people. This too, doesn’t take too much research to realize of course they can and they do clone humans. They can clone them from birth or they can make synthetic clones in a matter of months. 

Personally, I was never much of a fan of Eminem. He did become famous during the years I was growing up as a teen and young adult, but I wasn’t too interested in rap. So, I didn’t even know he went to rehab supposedly in 2005. I never heard any rumors he was killed in a crash. I’ve been aware lately though that he has been embracing the New World Order Satanic Illuminati agenda, which I figured was just par for the course for anyone famous who was being promoted and not killed or demoted from the main scene. 

Truth is, the real Eminem was a decent guy who simply had a wild imagination and some dysfunction that is usual with our younger generations. He had an awareness about him and a no compromise attitude towards the mainstream culture that he despised and ridiculed through his music. This is what made him attractive to a younger generation of people who also see through the bull we are supposed to embrace. The new Eminem is totally different though. This clone that is acting as Eminem now is a total sell-out, homosexual, satanist type of scum bag with no redeeming value as a person- you know like the rest of the “stars” now days – most of which are mind controlled, maybe some are clones. 

There are a couple of different types of celebrities when it comes to music and acting, the kind that are organically talented and make their way to the top through compromise and the type that are actually bred and mind controlled from birth to become a celebrity. I believe Eminem was the kind who organically was talented and rose to the top through a certain amount of compromise. With him, the compromise was likely simply that his rap was destructive to society and not empowering people to come to the solution through Jesus Christ. They allowed him to organically grow a large audience for a time. 

His time was up in 2005 when he started to likely become more knowledgeable about what is really going on in America in the world in the dark hidden parts of the celebrity scene and in every power scene there is. He likely was approached in ways to see if he was willing to compromise further and basically become initiated into the secret criminal satanic underworld. These celebrities don’t become part of the Illuminati, but rather they become willing knowing slaves of the masters who actually are in the bloodline families of this satanic cult that is creating the New World Order. Eminem obviously told them to shove it and so they killed him through a car crash and probably finished him off after if that didn’t kill him. 

They then went into spin mode and said he went into rehab. Then he disappeared from the scene until 2009, about 4 years later! The new Eminem was very different, and those who are and were his true fans likely didn’t buy this switch at all. Many brainwashed people, not able to conceive of what reality is really like, believed the lie and followed after their hero in his new mentality. 

Now, we have a satanic homosexual sell-out Eminem who is leading the younger generations into being slaves to the New World Order as well. If you don’t believe me about this, then watch the video below. If you don’t believe the video, then you might be a clone your self. 

This case in study is alarming, because we can surmise that this has been going on for awhile and the implications are far reaching and bizarre. I personally believe that Paul McCartney died in the late 60’s and was replaced by a double or a clone back then as well. There is overwhelming evidence about this, but again most people can’t conceive of these things. They can’t even see that the Beatles were a group of people who sold their souls to Satan. 

Watch the videos below (update: the original video used 3.5 years ago was deleted, if I find it again I’ll put it back) when you have time and tell other people to not follow this new fake Eminem. Maybe I wasn’t much of a fan of Eminem, but I respect that he was bold and told the truth as he saw it. I hope he made peace with God and accepted Jesus Christ in his last days, rest in peace Eminem. 

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