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#CLOWNWORLD = #CLONEWORLD | A concrete barrier has never been erected surrounding the White House in the history of this country. Intelligence agencies expect something exceptional to happen.

Erecting a concrete barrier has never surrounded the white House in the history of this country. Intelligence agencies expect something exceptional to happen in this country. Some will say they know better and that it’ll all be fine, they’ll just ignore these warnings; I prefer to be prepared. | REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/s33hjz/erecting_a_concrete_barrier_has_never_surrounded/

We know that something very very unusual has been happening behind the scenes of our United States Federal Government and its power vacuum ever since the Orange Man shocked the Wicked Bitch of Arkansas back in 2016. Trump’s Presidency signaled the start of some kind of civil war of sorts between the EL-ites and the U.S. Military is clearly one of the main power players in this struggle, with the Navy, Army, Airforce and Spaceforce fractured in their alliances with the various politicians who are supposed to be in charge of the Executive Branch right now. For example, there is no way Kamal Aroush Harris is in charge of one single troop in the armed forces or wields one ounce of real Executive Power. Some of her handlers might, but not her.

And especially not Joe Biden. That low-life is laying in a box with fresh bruise marks around his neck after he was thrown off the gallows and executed by Jared Kushner’s Trump administration. Probably just for the fun of it. He is NOT in charge as Commander in Chief right now. THAT much is clear.

Nobody voted for Joe.

Whoever they keep putting up on TV looks more like a knarly vampire clown on chemotherapy who put on a Biden mask made out of chicken skin than it resembles the original Biden clone that sacrificed his wife and kids back in the 90’s that most of us are familiar with. I have covered all the anomalies that have been found during Biden’s “Presidency” in my Manchurian Joe category.

Has Joe Biden Been Replaced by an IMPOSTER?

WARP SPEED Seal OPENS CHAKRAS! | More Proof of Dark Esoteric “God Destroying” Intentions of C0R0NAVIRUS Vax via “Operation Warp Speed” | Donald Trump set it up, Biden is knocking em down. Everything is planned. They all work together in the end. Biden & Trump are nothing more than sock puppets that are put away in a drawer once they are done with each public appearance.

So despite how satisfying it may be to ponder over the violent deaths of certain distasteful celebrities and public political figures, I can assure you that none of those individuals were ever very important to begin with and were never anything more than heavily controlled avatars who never once uttered an autonomous thought of their own.

This includes the Orange Man himself. He’s a nueral-linked clone just like the rest of them.

Trump Blames Deaths on Unvaccinated. DONALD TRUMPOCCIO: Trump is WORSE than Biden because Biden is openly Anti American. The Zionist owned Trump, was installed to PUNK the right. | Ghislaine Maxwell Ran MOS-SAD Honey Trap on Epstein Island & Likely Also Had Blackmail on Trump.

JJR – Donald Trump’s Terrible, No Good, Lousy, Very Bad, Rotten, Week

You do not want to choose a side in this battle. You want to stick to the sidelines. Trust. It should be clear that Trump ain’t saving a damn soul from anyone and only wants to poke you with an Black Goo-saturated syringe just like the rest of them have been foaming-at-the-mouth to ever since the Covaids hoax was initiated. I am happy to see that many some have started to wake-up and realize that executing a bunch of soulless clones is not going to change a damn thing if they were all controlled by a robotic hive mind entity to begin with. A hive mind that is clearly alive and well when you consider just how extreme the #Clowntown phenomenon has gotten lately. So it’s not working. It was never going to work. Things were only ever going to keep getting worse. Never better. Just more and more clownish.

TO ALL ANONS: Why Aren’t the “White Hats” Putting a Stop to the #SCAMEDMIC? Why is Trump Supporting the Vaccine? Why Did Trump Allegedly Turn Down an Offer From the Military to Overturn the Fraudulent 2020 Election Results? Where is NESARA / GESARA & “Revaluation”?

Q is an obvious PsyOp. The child trafficking is still rampant. The corruption is still DEEEEP. The rhetoric is still nauseating. Stop smoking that damn Hopium already. I really hope I’m not around to endure a 2024 Trump campaign. Ugghh… Lol. Voting is likely some kind of dark Satanic ritual anyway, so I would advise sticking to the sidelines during the 2024 Carnival show.

ClownWorld = CloneWorld… they’re all clones. Get it? The EL-ites love to play around with Homophonies(cryptic plays on words that sound similar to one another. Kanye loves to do that shit).

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