Strange Early Incident at 2011 Chicago Winged Humanoid Location

The cases of flying Humanoid creatures were always the most fascinating to me when carousing through Humanoid Encounters on Reddit.


Deceased Uncle’s Silhouette: Strange Early Incident at 2011 Chicago Winged Humanoid Location

Saturday, 22-Jul-95 07:25 AM GMT – This happened on April of 1990 just after my Uncle Lou died. We were coming home after a sad and pretty low time in my life; we were driving east bound down 63rd Street around Pulaski Road on Chicago’s Southwest side. You see my Uncle and my mom grew up around the Saint Brennans parish in the community of Englewood when they were kids in and around the late twentys and the early thirtys. It was one of the things that told me deep down inside that my Uncle was in good hand with the Angels. You see also all his life he liked to fly airplanes and was a distinguished and honored pilot during WWII flying with the 95th Bomber squad. So that’s how I knew everything was alright when I looked in the sky in which deep down someone really spiritual told me to look up I did in the Eastern sky around the area where both Mom and Uncle as we use to call him amongst our brothers. There it was. My Uncle Lou’s silhoulette when I last seen him. I told my Mom and she looked up along with my brother and I pointed to the cloud formation that looked just like his silhoulette and then we all knew everything was OK but that still isn’t the same as having my Uncle with us. MM

NOTE: This is the same location of the 1st reported Chicago winged humanoid sighting in 2011 (photos). Lon

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