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Theory: The Last Great Reset, Mudfloods, Missing/or added 1,000 years of history, Tartaria, we are in the short season, The bible, millennium reign already happened theory

Found this while poking around on Mind Unveiled’s new Discord channel. I have personally always thought that these reset cycles could be as short as a mere 100 years, meaning we are all but due for the next one. Though I believe there are cycles upon cycles. Some natural and some artificial. I’m not sure which kind to fear more at this point.

On a side note, I really think we should stop calling “it” Tartarian. Tartarus is hell. We should call it Phonecian or Columbian or something. We should really just call it “The Old World”. There are three distinct styles of architecture that deserve to be labeled individually and that we can assume directly correlated to a particular and albeit separate cultural age. So just labeling everything as having been attributed to the “Tartars” is just sloppy. We see a Phonecian style, a Greco-Roman style and a medieval Cathedral style. All constructed using a combination of red brick covered in a high-grade/high-tech plaster facade that gives it a megalithic look.

I think that there is a good chance that many of the sites we attribute as being “megalithic” were actually all constructed using a type of very high quality concrete and may not be quite as old as we are told(e.g. Baalbek & Giza Pyramids). While in other cases we have sites and artifacts that are so old(Machu Piccu, Puma Punku, Cusco, Olmec giant heads, Allora Caves/Kailasha Temple) that they look to have been completely petrified after having laid underneath an ancient ocean, post cataclysm, for God-knows how long. Either way, we have many different phases of construction and styles to account for over the span of what must have Ben hundreds of resets. Static in the Attic spoke on these different styles recently.


Theory: The Last Great Reset, Mudfloods, Missing/or added 1,000 years of history, Tartaria, we are in the short season, The bible, millennium reign already happened theory

So not too long ago, I came back to Revelation 21. I found out because my research led to me to read from Revelation 20 through 22. It includes the whole “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

They are basically the final prophesies regarding the future. It’s an important section because it marks the end of evil on earth. And the beginning of the eternal kingdom of God. 

It’s a lot of interesting info but to summarize what I found out points to evidence that chronologically, we are in what’s called the “short season” I promise I’ll explain what this means and make it easy to understand based on my research.

So to understand what this means, we have to go back to the final days of Emperor Nero between 66 AD and 70 AD. (The destruction of Jerusalem)

During this time, there are written accounts described by Josephus Tacitus, Eusebius and Nero himself that describe “chariots of fire” descending from heaven.

Not only that but there’s also paintings depicting this time that very odd. They show a great army appearing before the clouds and a “Sword” engraved in the sky for those years.

Nero marked (armageddon) the beginning of the end of Rome. And there are also melted mountains all over that geographical area that could be seen even TODAY. So it appears this was no natural disaster that occurred. Something huge happened.

So with this info, according to revelation, this supposedly eventually led to something known as the “Millennium reign of Christ” which was the reign where those who stayed by God’s and Jesus’s side were “revived” and reigned alongside them for a period (of about 1,000 years) while Satan was locked away.

After the reign ended, the people of the millennium would be taken “blessed and holy” because they were part of the first “resurrection” and Satan would be released for a short period (This then marks the beginning of the short season)

And according to revelations (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.)

This would make us the descendants of those people that came back to life on earth.

Bear with me I found some proof of this

Satan’s release after the millenium would have marked a series of worldwide disasters known as “mudfloods” this would cause a lot of buried buildings worldwide with mud, mainly the marvelous cities and civilizations made during the millennium reign. All these cities that remained standing during this time (were everywhere) would all have similar architecture and style. And be grand and amazing (keep that in mind)

So guess what I found out? Around the world (specifically around the 1800’s this was also around the time the camera was invented) simultaneously all had a mudflood/earthquake disasters. There are countless of old pictures of the aftermath of this event.

Paris, San Francisco, Chicago, Moscow, Chinese cities, just to name a few. You can find pictures of all these cities in black and white. And all the first pictures taken of these cities have the same exact things in common (all this could be seen in the ewaranon video (

1- There is mud all the way up to the first floor. (Up to the windows) the streets have all been covered by mud.

2- There are barely any visible people in these pictures. The cities look huge and grand with amazing architecture even if covered in mud, but they look like ghost towns. If you look at all the pictures of these cities worldwide that suffered the same type of catastrophe at the same time, the cities covered in mud look abandoned.

3- Pictures taken of these exact same locations 20 – 30 years later have images of workers removing mud, and a buzzling population of citizens. (All wearing the same hats/clothing by the way) A huge contrast to the pictures taken decades before.  (All this evidence may point to the fact these cities were actually inherited and re-purposed since they were abandoned by the original makers)

There’s actually an old photograph of a town in California during the “gold rush”. It’s supposed to be a small settlement settled by horse and carriage. Only thing is that it LOOKS HUGE. And has pointy buildings and towers already? And the roads look DESTROYED and there’s mud all the way up to the first floor! If it was just being settled why is there so much stuff already? And why does it look abandoned?

Another example of these flooded buildings would be Shelbyville, Illinois. People have been making discoveries that their building is not the ‘original’ first floor. The town was founded in 1827. How the city ended up 4-5 meters underground is a “mystery”. When in reality every single major city in the world is built on top of a preexisting first floor that was buried during the mudfloods sometime during the 1800’s.

Some people recognize the similar architecture seen worldwide as “tartarian architecture” some may notice that some places have these marvelous old buildings in a “gothic” style (an example would be Notre Dame before the fire) and various other buildings around the world Guatemala, Colombia, Italy, Japan, Russia all have this “tartarian” architecture.

So i started thinking and this may also explain a lot ancient pyramids (which were made before but all share something in common)

It sounds crazy but Egypt, India and Cambodia have the exact same Triptych temples above their pyramids. The same architecture, the same design.(although these could be way more ancient) Different cultures separated by thousands of miles of land- yet with the same architecture and pyramid style. This is the same case as “tartatian architecture” (These huge buildings could habe made during the millennium reign then abandoned after the reign ended. Then the mudfloods happened)

So you’re probably wondering, if there was a previous reign that belonged to a glorious civilization worldwide, are there other remnants of this? Who changed the info? And how was 1,000 years of history replaced?

I also found incredible proof of this.

So a few years ago I found proof that 1,000 years of our history did not add up and was artificially put in or changed by Pope Gregory when he implemented the Gregorian calendar and replaced the Julian calendar ( the calendar we use today) was made by him. The calendar went from 582 to 1582. the Gregorian calendar was presented in 582 A.D. became 1582.
I have more proof of this. On old maps and coins that are supposed to be the year “1542 or 1581” are off. If you look at the bottom right corner they all either say “J 542” or “i 542” Which means 542 years after Jesus or iesus (The Greek pronunciation) There is no number 1. The letters A.D. (Anno Domini in latin) were created by “Dionysius Exiguus” in 525. J or i and then the number was how people told the year back then. Here’s an example: You can clearly see j’s with the little dot in the text box to the left of south america

There’s even a black and white video of San Francisco before the great fire that destroyed the original buildings( tartarian architecture). In the video you can also see something crazy. At the end it clearly says “Built A.D. 896” on a wall.

This would make 1,000 years of missing history make more sense Some of the proof is that the 1,000 years they changed is that the most significant thing that happened was Charlemegne the conqueror during those 1,000 years. But his feats seem too grandiose for him to be considered a real person and he is probably a fabricated story to fill in the void. There’s also barely any artwork or pottery from this time period. And even more crazy is how this explains how so many monarchs had the same repeated names and for that time period their “self portraits” looked like crayola. We literally have like hundreds of guys with the same name for various monarchies alone. What have we accomplished those 1,000 years? Close to very little progress? Highly unlikely.time was added.

Russian mathematician and author Alexander Fomenko wrote a book recently about these missing 1,000 years.

There’s even a book by Sir Issac Newton where he explores the “added” or “missing” time in our calendars. It’s called “The chronology of ancient Kingdoms Amended”

As for Japanese and Chinese history? The Chinese have reset their own history about 5 times because their and various purges are not difficult for them to rewrite their years and history since they’ve done it before.

And Japanese history was rewritten by Portuguese missionaries that traveled to Japan when the Portuguese held Japan hostage in feudal Japan. The Missionaries were actually Jesuits. This could be one of the many secrets in the Vatican archive. What really happened before the mudfloods?

So what am I getting to? I found out during the 1800’s there were more orphans and orphan institutions than any other time in history. Where were their parents? What happened? During the 1800’s they even had these places called “baby incubators” where they would show off these orphans during fairs with pay entry to sustain these expensive devices. I remember the comedian Seinfeld said his great grandfather was an “incubator baby” and the audience laughed but he looked serious about it. You can see these incubators in old film and photographs. They never teach is this in school. It explains all the orphan stories that took place during the 1800’s “Tom Sawyer” “Huckleberry Finn” and the orphans from “Pinnocchio” are good examples.

The truth is that in most people cannot trace their family ancestry since before the 1800’s. And you can see these in online discussions regarding family lineage. Many accounts of them talking to their grandparents and then they describe how their grandparents were on the “orphan trains” and incubators. It’s as if they were trying to populate these abandoned cities. Seemingly an entire generation of orphans and their parents nowhere to be found?

Real old maps, drawings and textbooks mention “tartaria” trust me the rabbit hole goes even deeper for the grandparents that kept these old textbooks.

Based on all that I’ve concluded we are in the “short season”

According to revelations the “short season” is supposed to last a quarter of a millennium. A quarter of a millennium is 250 years.

Since the mudfloods happened sometime before the 1800’s that means the “short season” is possibly set to end in our lifetime. Sometime between 2030-2050?? (Our lifetime)

To add to that, look up images for the “World’s Columbian Exposition” from 1893. Among many other world expo’s. There was a series to expos in the late 1800’s showing off the “world’s accomplishments” in these huge and marvelous structures. Seriously nothing like them anymore. They were marvelous and the indoors were gigantic.

The ones behind these events later claimed that the structures were “temporary” and made to last a “a few months” all of those buildings were destroyed when each expo included.

The material these buildings were made of and their scale contradict the narrative given. They were not “made time last a few months” the world fair expos were made as excuses to destroy these buildings so people don’t question anything. Look at images of the world fair expos that took place. Do those buildings look like they were meant to be temporary? The amount of explosives it took in the accounts were apparently enormous.

Insane asylum population went up during these times as well. One of the reasons to be sent would be “Religious fantacism” These large mental institution all over that popped up housed THOUSANDS of people that could have possibly been trying to tell everyone what was really going on. (They realized a reset was happening) there are also books on Australia already having all these huge structures when they got there. Australia also had Gaols (Jails) all over. This video by Tartarian truthers explores this and orphanages, asylums, Gaols, female factories

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