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Attorney General Josh Shapiro Throws Racketeering Case for the Governor’s (Tom Wolf PA/D) Niece Who Can’t Handle Getting Dumped… So She Breaks Into Her Ex’s House, Plants Drugs, & Calls the Cops…. Sending Him to Jail Twice on the Same Charges…. Twice Thrown Out.

So much for “Checks and Balances” huh? You’d think that at some point along the way this poor guy would have encountered a righteous judge or attorney who would have said: “this has gone too far, this woman needs to be held accountable, I don’t care if she’s related to the Governor“. But the corruption was that utterly complete and far-reaching that this guy ends up getting railroaded almost as hard as I’ve ever seen anyone get worked over and mistreated by a judicial and law enforcement system. He got ran through and turned out harder than a rapper trying to get a record deal with Birdman.

These are exactly the kinds of abuses of power that one would expect our more-than-adequately-funded Federal agencies to be looking into and remedying. But instead they are too busy sending their goonish operatives out to STAGE elaborate criminal acts(Jan. 6th, Whitmer kidnapping ploy) or to impersonate racist white Nationalists(Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, anyone wearing a white button-down shirt while marching on the Capitol) on behalf of the Social Democrats(the international term for the Marxist Left) who for whatever reason are in charge of both the FBI & CIA.

It’s amazing how many lowlifes will lurch themselves up out of the Pennsylvania swamps go to bat for a batshit crazy menace to society like the Governor’s niece here. All those involved need to be hung out to dry and Governor Tom Wolf needs to be seriously reprimanded as well as the fake POS attorney Larry W. Wolf. Let’s see if the press decides to do their fucking job for once.

It does however appear that putting this story up on Reddit was a very good idea since people seem to be taking notice and perhaps might be able to actually make something happen here and at the least embarrass the crap out of Governor Tom Wolf and get this guy a HUGE payday. This would be great ammunition for the GOP to go after Wolf with. I hope the story gets legs. Not holding my breathe.

When the Governor’s Niece Can’t handle getting dumped… so she breaks into her ex’s house, plants drugs, and calls the cops…. sending him to jail twice on the same charges…. twice thrown out.

Thanks bro! I refuse to be intimidated by the Pedo protecting State of Pennsylvania. Linked here is the evidence to the housing racket they have going on; and the second half is them losing child rape kit pics to throw a chomo case to protect it. Annnddddd….linked here is where I report it to the State Police and they follow me out of the station to initiate a retaliatory stop. Annnddddd linked here is where I disqualify the 11th judge presiding over this case for pedo connections… as my own counsel.


Watch Attorney General Josh Shapiro Throw a Racketeering Case for the Governor’s Relative. This crazy chick and I dated for two months, and she couldn’t handle getting dumped. So over four days she ends up breaking into my house to plant drugs and call the cops, which sends me to jail twice on the same charges, completely dropped or thrown out both times. Inherited Immunity runs deep, as her father is a long time practicing attorney that is related to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Watch how the State carefully covers this one up.

00:00 The Break Up/In So when she threatens to send me to jail if I don’t get back with her and it doesn’t work… she follows through… by breaking into my house, planting drugs, then calling the cops for assault. This sends me to jail twice on the same charges, with the Pennsylvania State Police and District Attorney REFUSING to cite Ms. Cray Z. Pants for her infractions on PLAIN VIDEO in an effort to extort me to plead out.

04:24 Suing for Racketeering Even the ACLU says I have something but refuses to engage the Cronywealth of Pennsylvania. So I learn to sue myself. Dragging all of this into the Federal Courts under Racketeering. The Attorney General’s Office picks up defense for State Trooper Christopher Ashey omitting the video and Ms. Pant’s infractions in his report. The idiot from the AG’s Office, Deputy Attorney General Johnathan Blake, forgets to snail mail me any response, only e- filing…. Which breaks the rules of federal Procedure for responding, vacating any claim of defense, and awarding a default judgement of $30 Million dollars. The case sits for six months…

05:40 Retaliatory Charges During this time, the Attorney General’s Office picks up prosecuting me for 5 years for standing in a public building…. HAHAHHA!!!! THE IRONY!!!! Look at the governor’s relative NOT trespass to break into my house to plant drugs… and me to trespass for standing in a public building. I hire the big law firm that just ran against and lost to the Attorney General in the recent election. To my surprise… they work WITH the Attorney General to throw my defense! So I fire him and represent myself in my own criminal case as well.

06:48 The Fix So after my racketeering case sits idle for 6 months, out of NOWEHERE, at the same exact time that I take over my own Criminal Case, the Federal Racketeering case picks back up. After citing Prosecutorial Immunity, Federal Judge Susan Schwab orders a status conference for five days away, waits two days till Friday to mail it, so that it shows up Monday, six hours after the hearing. My motion to stay all proceedings gets ignored. So I drop the Racketeering case, as I have to focus on keeping my rear outta jail.

07:33 Piled Higher and Deeper As if the Attorney General’s Office hasn’t done enough yet,…. They pick up defense on my appeal of the planted judge that I caught breaking rules of procedure to fix my criminal case. Ready for more? For YEARS I’ve been trying to get ahold of the Attorney General’s Military and Veteran’s Affairs Section…. With confirmed receipts of the evidence I’ve provided them… Not only of this incident, but of my VA Director stalling my case by his own words on hidden camera, as well as the video of my stabbing assailant admitting to it…. Which he was never charged for (that’s a whole different story).


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