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Gang stalking is a very very real phenomenon and practice. I do not care what anyone’s debunking efforts might try to assert otherwise. Are there individuals who suffer from extreme paranoia who think they are being gang stalked but aren’t? Of course. Is that what’s happening in this case? No fucking way. Ben is not the only one to document the stalking activities of these “people”. I did a post on another very troubling case who’s victim has been carefully documenting his harassment throughout his still-ongoing ordeal.

I pity the fool who ever tried to gang stalk me. Lol. That would be a fun day. They would be lead into some very dangerous predicaments and neighborhoods by my crazy-ass. I’m really not even sure what I’d do exactly until it actually happened. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t happened. My unpredictable nature and the fact that I would thoroughly enjoy every moment of it and would likely leave all the gang stalkers traumatized for life or turned into a weeping pile of bitch, moaning and writhing around on the ground in an alley in the North end of Hartford after having the local neighborhood apply a viscous beat down after I tell everyone that they’re narcs/snitches. Or whatever I happen to come up with during the moment to let them know I see them.

Or it could be that they aren’t scared of me at all and simply do not give a shit about me because I’m not important at all. Lol. One or the other.


Gangstalkers on video(VIDEO)

One of the best channels I ever came across on this subject: Targeted Individuals Be Strong

This guy’s story is especially horrifying and harrowing. He’s got some pretty insane proofs for both the holographic and contrived nature of our reality and for the existence of these highly organized gangstalking organizations that harass individuals like him for the duration of their lives. Going as far as to replace his wife with a synthetic Robotoid after he believes she died from an Epidural overdose during childbirth. Judge for yourself. I not only feel bad for the guy but I also very much believe him. I did a whole post on him while backing up many of his videos in anticipation of his channel being taken down. Below is a short excerpt from the post: Man Shows Proof of Wife Having Been Replaced With a Gangstalking Synthetic Replica After Original Human Version Was Overdosed on an Epidural During Childbirth | The True Nature of Our Holographic Reality Matrix & the Parasitic Hivemind Synthetic Intelligence That Feeds Off Of Humanity(Literally)

We don’t shy away from uncomfortable and chilling subject matter around here and this is certainly one of them. Gangstalking. But this guy’s channel(Targeted Individuals Be Strong) takes things to a whole new level of creepy. He’s one of the few victims who’ve had the guts to come out and expose what he believes these Gangstalkers have done to certain family members of his. Explaining(and showing with insane evidence) how he believes that his wife was given an intentional overdose of an epidural during her complication-laden child birth and was replaced at the hospital with a synthetic replica outfitted with a digitized approximation of her original consciousness. A vessel that now works directly for the Gangstalking apparatus that had been terrorizing him up to that point, and still does. He even found the trove of spy apps installed on her phone that the A.I. uses to program her with. That’s not his only proof though. Just a small piece of the puzzle. He has video after video of some very chilling examples of why his suspicions are actually very much founded in reality and gives us another angle of insight into how this A.I. powered, synthetic parasitical “Alien” intelligence cruelly operates within our 3D dimensional substrate in order to rear their flock of pet humans in a way that is most conducive to siphoning off as much of the energy that we humans emit as they can stimulate us to give-off. Energy that they feed on and require for their survival.

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