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NYPD Officers Arrest 9 Year Old Who Didn’t Show Her Vaccine Card At A Museum

Why hasn’t New York City risen up to do something about this yet? I thought New Yorkers were tough? A couple demonstrations with a few people holding up some signs isn’t enough. How have scenes like this ultra-despicable one in a Manhattan museum not sparked a mass wave of public outrage in condemnation of this bullshit. A 9 year old is escorted out of a museum by 2 chicken head piglets who have inexplicably decided to help the city enforce this Orwellian bullshit. The cops could easily just refuse to enforce such insanity but are instead going right the fuck along with it like the boot licking zombified cunts they are. I want their names so I can include it with the Metadata associated with this post so that they are immortalized on the internet as the pieces of shit they are. The “I was just following orders” routine ain’t gonna cut it this time you stupid bitches. I hope someone initiates a lawsuit against those 2 cops and the city. What they are doing CANNOT be Constitutional.

Did you know that the EL-ites have always been terrified that one day they would end up being surrounded by a mob of irate civilians who would proceed to literally tear off their arms and legs in a frenzied act of vengeance and rage? That’s what we need to start doing. Literally surrounding these cops and politicians and use our overwhelming strength in numbers to assert our dominance and show them that we are willing to literally dismember their bodies if they want to keep this shit up. Make them ask the military to come and murder their fellow Americans in order to stop us.

Feel free to express how you feel about this incident in the Reddit comments section in the post below. There are plenty of Vaxhole bots up in there who are defending this arrest of a 9 year old girl, so you can take out some of your frustration on them.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vt12ka-nypd-officers-arrest-9-year-old-who-didnt-show-her-vaccine-card-at-a-museum.html

Mirrored from Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/s9ba02/nypd_officers_arrest_9_year_old_who_didnt_show/


  1. urbandumpsterdiver

    Jerry….you write just like I talk! This is so despicable what they did to that little girl! She was crying her little eyes out when they escorted her parents into the paddy wagon. Then those two female cops (poor excuse for lawmen) put her into a car by herself. I’m surprised they didn’t cuff her!

    Yes….those cops needs to be named and shamed. I’d say a lot more but I don’t want the gangstalking spooks knocking on my door.

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