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Receipts: Hospitals Paid to Kill- Providers Incentivized By Feds to Murder Covid Patients. Hospitals Killing For Organs.

Wow. I had known that these hospitals were being incentivized to admit and treat Covid-positive patients, but I had no idea just how unbelievable and far-reaching some of these incentive protocols actually were. The Government basically put out bounties to be collected on each dead Covid patient. These Hospitals got cash for each positive PCR-Test, for each new Rona patient admitted for care, and even for each Covid death that occurred on their watch.

Receipts: Hospitals Paid to Kill- Providers Incentivized By Feds to Murder Covid Patients
Dr. Lee Vliet joins Stew Peters to blast open and expose the corrupt federal operation to kill off Covid-19 patients by paying off doctors and hospitals with financial incentive.
Beware as Skull & Bones Pivots-the controlled opposition-Father Alexis Bugnolo

Stew Peters has been very disappointing of late with how hard he’s been relentlessly pushing Ivermetcin and any of the other “alternative Covid treatments”. It’s painfully obvious that he’s always trying to squeeze in a plug for one of these alternative pharmaceuticals in just about all of his videos. THERE IS NO COVID TO TREAT IN THE FIRST PLACE! These guys are just trying to poison you via a different angle. You don’t need any fucking pharmaceuticals.

Plus, I heard him drop a blatant “33” nod in one of his videos from yesterday. You can tell when they mean to use the number as a gang sign because it will seem out of place and is utilized in a totally random and unnecessary context. He should know all about that kind of stuff, so it was obviously done on purpose to let the rest of the shills know that’s he’s on their side on “Team Eyeball”. That being said, he still brings useful raw information to the table and his videos are very informative. You just have to realize that he too seems to have an agenda and is not to be trusted. You don’t need any Ivermetcin or Hydroxychloriquine.

Skip to the 1:42 mark in the below video to hear Stew shamelessly plug Ivermetcin immediately followed by the oddly placed nod to the “33”. You’re exposed my boy. I’m sure his fans will say that he’s simply referring to the following story that he recently featured, but I don’t believe in coincidences. 33-Year-Old Single Dad KIDNAPPED by Hospital, Set for Death! PLUS: Nurse Whistleblower and MORE! Should I give the guy the benefit of the doubt? I just don’t know anymore. If he just stopped plugging those stupid drugs he’d have one of the best shows out there. I agree with just about everything else he’s said up to this point.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vswr4q-whistleblower-hospitals-killing-for-organs-this-is-absolutely-evil-and-a-cr.html

Stew Peters Channel on RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/c/StewPeters




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