Crisis Actors, Disinformation Agents, Freemasons, Intelligence Community Actor-Agent Provocateurs

Del Bigtree Exposed

Since Robert David Steele allegedly died(yeah right 🤥), who’s running the Truthbits blog right now? Shills exposing other shills. What a shit show. Might as well let them do some of the legwork for us and then simply apply your own bone-spitting discernment at the end of the day.

Whether it’s Joe Rogan, Dr. Malone, Stew Peters or in this case Del BigTree, this whole “Truther” community has been infiltrated with agenda-slinging hired actor-agents who act as Gatekeepers and disinformation agents and are responsible for most PsyOps. My only agenda is to not fall for the lowest quality ruse that I’ve ever seen and to not inexplicably euthanize myself like everyone else seems so keen on doing. I don’t advise that anyone takes any kind of pharmaceutical product at any time for any reason ever again so long as they are still alive in this very shitty clown world.


Del Bigtree Exposed

AIMCat Mark asked me to get this PDF to AIMCat KazimirRules – which is the purpose of this post. This was posted on a Gab for discussion:

Personally, we don’t pay him any attention – spotted the shill years ago and haven’t wasted our time on him, his reports, or the people he interviews.



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