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Humanoid Creatures COVER-UP! /Accidental Exposure in Thailand/🌙Cryptids Unveiled

Imagine being one of these creatures and returning to the same spot the next day only to see a group of idiot humans walking around with ridiculous costumes that look kind of like you, but not quite, and just watching in shock and amazement as they badly play the clarinet and walk around in mindless circles like jackasses. Perplexed as to why on earth these silly humans are doing such a stupid thing by badly trying to emulate the actual authentic ceremony the day(s) before while also insultingly impersonating them by wearing these elaborate and disgusting looking costumes.

I think she’s absolutely right and that the original piece of footage is very much real and those creatures very much exist in tangible reality and live in the caves on these remote islands in the Indian Ocean near Thailand. They appear to be some kind of incredibly smart monkey species or perhaps even another type of human like Bigfoot seems to be.

Original Video:

A viral video came out about 2 years showing what seems to be a group of tourists stumbling upon some strange creatures performing some type of ritual. YES, we know that the mainstream narrative is that this is a HOAX, and that it was just an art performance by Tori Wranes. It is our suspicion that this is but a COVER UP! We list our reasons and explain the differences between the original video and the videos that surfaced after trying to debunk the whole matter. If it’s so obvious why the need to fact-check everything?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments, Do you think it’s real? Why would they want to cover these beings up? Are there any other similar stories of hairy humanoid beings living in underground cave systems?

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