Cabal Arrests & Executions, NESARA, New Age Deception, Q is a psyop

Qtards Are Claiming: General Flynn Has Been Arrested By White Hats, NESARA is Right Around the Corner & Bob Sagat Executed for Murder & Pedophilia. Lol…

LMFAO. Ok… here is a quick synopsis of some of the outrageous claims being made. Unfortunately, there is likely a bit of truth mixed in with their bullshit, but these people make so many crazy claims so often that it’s become impossible to discern anything anymore, so I usually don’t even pay them a shred of attention, but this headline about General Flynn was shocking enough to earn my curiosity.

  • General Flynn was just arrested by the White Hats for “giving bad advice. Gen. Flynn himself!! 🤣
  • Donald Trump divorced Melania back in 2020 and is now married to Princess Diana. Aaaaahaha. I could have sworn that was what she said. I’m not watching that a second time though.
  • There is only one Supreme Court Justice who is left alive at this point, the rest were executed.
  • Gavin Newsome was recently executed.
  • Bob Sagat was recently executed for the murder of a prostitute back in the 90’s and for pedophilia. (THAT I believe…).
  • NESARA, Revaluation and a new gold-backed currency is set to be implemented “any day now”, “no more delays”. 🤭…SMH….
In this shocking video, Juan dissects why he believes that General Flynn has been arrested by the White Hats and the good guys are back in full control.
He also shares some major info and Intel for upcoming events. |

I really cannot believe that I heard Kerry Cassidy(Lilith) of Project Camelot say that she still thinks that Juan O’Savin is JFK Jr., who is working side by side with White Hats and military behind the scenes to triumphantly… eventually save the world from the Cabal. Jesus Christ Kerry. You know that’s not what’s happening…. There is a Civil War of sorts going on behind the scenes. The The Alliance/White Hats/Golden Dawn VS. The Cabal/Black Hats/Phoenix Order. Hate to break it to you but there are no “good guys” anywhere in that bunch.

Probably Alexandra does some of the best analysis of the Q drops of any non Anon, non Q supporter I’ve seen yet. She knows it’s not a mindless LARP, but in fact a very carefully orchestrated PsyOp with a dark esoteric agenda. CATEGORY: Q is a PsyOp

Another Gen Flynn video. I don’t recommend following these people, but if you’re curious as to where to find the pulse of the New Age/Great Awakening/Q community, this channel Bluewater on Bitchute syndicates a lot of the most watched creators in that world.


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