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AN INCONVENIENT REALITY – Probably Alexandra | The False Light & the Good Cop, Bad Cop or Light vs Dark Dialectic

An Inconvenient Reality
This video chronicles the ancient occult philosophy “from dark to light”, the ‘powers that be’ who implement it, and how it directly affects reality today.

The lovely Probably Alexandra does a spectacular job at explaining the Dark vs. Light dynamic inherent to Luciferianism and inherent to the makeup of the esoteric fabric of our very reality(the Matrix) and how these Dark & Light workers are both minions for the devil.

All these “Lightworkers” in the New Age community are participating in the very dialectic they claim is the crux of the deception that we must be cognizant not to fall for in the first place. There cannot be a hero without an accompanying villain to compliment. Somewhat resembling the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” paradigm. These opposing forces represent “Two sides of the same coin”. The “coin” being the Kabbalistic philosophy of dualism that reigns supreme in our Matrix reality. The two poles of light and dark. It’s these “Lightworkers” who will bring in this “New Age” of “False Light”.

However, I do think she is being a bit hypocritical and naive when she claims that “Jesus is the answer”, when she just got finished explaining how these “Lightworkers” present these “false light teachings” as the “answer” to combating the dark forces influencing our world, in turn tricking you into participating in the very system that we should be steering clear away from. So by posturing the Sun Cult innuendo drenched figure of “JeZues” as the “answer” to combating this dualistic dialectic that she asserts we must stand apart from, we are actually playing right into their hands. I should note that I do believe in the “Christ” figure, just not the “Jesus Christ” version of this figure. But I do agree with the “Meat & Potatoes” of her assessment in that we must stop “playing their game”. I just don’t agree that “Jesus is the answer”. Not anymore. Not by a long shot.

All that being said, I do not want to start making a habit of picking a fights with all my favorite Christian content creators, or Christians in general, just because I might no longer perceive this Jesus character as an authentic Messiah figure and the kin of the creator God. I still really really like Alexandra and do think she is acting in good faith and is not a hired-hand put in place to lead Christians astray, unlike so many of the other fake-ass Preachers and self-proclaimed religious gurus in the Christian community that permeate YouTube. Just another example as to why NO ONE has ALL the answers and why one should never put all their faith in earthly figures.


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Source: ProbablyAlexandra on Bitchute (MANY OF HER YOUTUBE VIDEOS ARE BEING CENSORED)



This video chronicles the ancient occult philosophy “from dark to light”, the ‘powers that be’ who implement it, and how it directly affects reality today.


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