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Illuminati NWO hybrid witches have different organs. Real Christians can identify hybrids in church

Good new channel: Christian Rapture on Brighteon | Lots of research on the occult, our non-human controllers and the nature/motivations of the Demiurge.

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The Illuminati NWO New Age hybrid nephilim psychic witches have different organs from what we humans have. They have a combination of nephilim alien and chimera alien and animal and plant organs, and not completely human organs. Some of their cloned hybrid human avatar bodies are hermaphrodites with both a male and female genital, in order to rape and sodomize both human boys and girls.

The real Christians are able to identify the hybrid nephilims and chimeras inside the church. That is why they are a threat to the devil and his Illuminati NWO. The pastors and religious Christian freak hordes, who are redefining Bible verses and rebelling against women’s head coverings so that their heads are controlled by the fallen angels, are marrying the hybrids and nephilim & chimera alien incarnate avatars and androids and clones and animals upgraded to human gene bodies, in order to birth hybrid children. Joe exposes that the true appearances of the hybrid nephilim “fake aliens” incarnate avatars in cloned hybrid human avatar bodies and shapeshifters inside the churches resemble the appearance of the orcs in the “Lord of the Rings” movies. Pastor Doug Riggs warns that the nephilim children of the fallen angels are not benevolent aliens from space to save humankind, but they are manufactured in the underground bases. They are hybrid offspring of the “Twilight Saga vampire” fallen angel fathers, who are drinking human children’s gene blood to take human form to breed nephilims with their Illuminati NWO New Age Wicca witch “alien contactee” necromancy spirit guide channeling human women servants. The End Times apostate harlot Church pastors and religious Christian freak hordes, who are rebelling against women’s head coverings so that their heads are controlled by the fallen angels, are condoning them by their silence and hiding in fear, because they do not want to get assassinated and cooked alive by CIA microwave oven weapons from next door homes and rooms, and their genetic descendants slaughtered, and get ridiculed by their church donators as lunatic heretic idiotic narcotic maniacs, or they are Satanist non-human entities themselves. This is why they do not warn the humans that 33.3% of their “women’s equality” Western feminist nations have been replaced by the returned nephilim & chimera avatars, and 70% of their military and police are infiltrated, and that a lot of their pastors and church staff and church members are pedophile cannibal Satanist reptilian hybrid globalist elites, and that 12 million children are being tortured & lesbian raped & sacrificed & eaten by the earth’s hidden matriarchal rulers witches. They are the fake “Bible’s watchmen on the wall,” who are making billions of dollars from Satan Lucifer’s pre-1941 “The Plan’s” Bible prophecy rapture billion dollar industry and the Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati religious system unbiblical 10% salary tithe taxes theft. Kick these pastors and 99% of the church member religious Christian freak hordes out of the devil’s harlot Church, so that God’s Holy Spirit can flow back into his house. End of transmission…

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