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Newgrange “Neolithic Burial Mound” & Other Petrified “Megalithic-Era” Sites From Around the World – WISE UP

Another great video from Wise Up. I really don’t know why more people in our childish, fractured and Gatekeeper-ridden alternative research community are not giving his theories more of the attention they deserve. Paul Cook, Mind Unveiled, Michelle Gibson and Martin Leidke are the only ones who I’ve ever heard mention his work in any meaningful way. I think he’s really nailed it. I’m not sure how anyone could discount the logic in what he’s showing you.

Newgrange is yet another example of an ancient and enigmatic archeological site that was completely destroyed by likely Jesuit-trained archeologists from some local University when they decided to reconstruct this very ancient and important site into their own cookie-cutter concept of what a Neolithic Burial Mound was supposed to look like according to what their tenured professor of Anthropology had taught them.

They really did a number on some of the sites in Mexico that were also partially rebuilt by college students, but most of the most enigmatic ruins lay untouched and unexcavated out of fear of what an honest archeological dig would reveal about the true history of humanity. I remember him mentioning how Uxmal Mexico was still mostly unexcavated(like most sites actually) and how the site contained some of the most enigmatic ruins still yet to be explored on earth, yet local officials will erroneously tell you that many of the mounds still found in the area are just natural formations and that there is nothing left to see or discover.

Almost all sites look the same in their ruined state. Like a bunch of mounds. It doesn’t mean they were all pyramids or burial mounds. Yet archeologists have rebuilt most sites with these preconceptions about what the original structure must have been, according to their made-up timelines and fabricated historical narratives.

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Just look at this shit. They seriously just laid out all the big standing stones horizontally on the ground and then piled white rocks on top of it and then called it a Neolithic tomb. They did something very similar at the Puma Punku/Tiuwanaku site when the Bolivian military also badly rebuilt that site.

This site in Siberia compared with Newgrange and Tiuwanaku.

I really do think he’s nailed it as far as identifying the true nature of so many of these megalithic sites. At least from a construction point of view. So many of these ancient “megalithic” sites were in fact built with wood and mud brick just like we still do today and have since been calcified into its hardened state from a combination of mineral-infused precipitation and coatings of volcanic ash that hardened over the surface of the structure, turning it to stone. Many of the sarcophagus that are recovered in Egypt were clearly originally made of wood and have since calcified. Like he says, “coffins have and always will be made of wood“.

In some instances the structures could have been submerged deep under water for some time(e.g. structures in Cusco Peru), compressing the material in-on itself and building up and even denser and consistent coating of hardened minerals, giving these impossible and otherworldly finishes on the surface of the stones that we see all over Peru. I really liked his sandbag theory to explain those huge blocks we see at Sacsayhuaman. Materials that melded together materials that have since been calcified.

I really do think he’s right and that those knobs that we see protruding from the walls of so many of these stone megalithic sites are simply the broken off ends of the framework of wooden beams or whatever happened to be protruding from the ruined wall that have since been coated in minerals and hardened, losing its original detail and now appearing as a blunt knob. The knobs can be pretty much anything that had protruded from the wall that has since been coated in layers of calcium over time. You will see that most of those sites that feature the famous knobs are made of limestone, which is pretty much pure calcium. Making the theory that much more plausible. I’ve seen some real crazy-ass theories about the knobs being some kind of language or astrological blueprints. Lol. I don’t think so.

I’m not ready to go as far as saying that ALL hills and mountains are the petrified remains of some kind of structure, but with the evidence mounting the way it has been, I’m getting closer and closer to actually conceding that a prospect as insane as that might actually be much much closer to the truth than the horse shit mainstream line of thought is. We just aren’t thinking broadly enough. We see a stone structure and just assume the rocks were quarried and cut. When we see a granite mountain or a sandstone rock outcrop we just assume it came into existence via some kind of natural geological processes. We would never contemplate a reality where those formations ever could have once been a construction of some kind that has now become unrecognizable and therefore “geological”. We need to expand our purview of possibilities.

It’s possible that literally every square inch of the earth’s crust was artificially constructed at some point in remote antiquity and has seen countless civilizations live and die on the surface of these ruins. Having been blanketed and buried in volcanic ash and natural sediments over and over again. We are just happen to be the latest civilization, and from the looks of it, our most recent predecessors seem to have suffered a grim fate in the not too distant past via some kind of grand solar event that literally melted everything and left many of our big cities in ruins. And it might not have even been that long ago(1840’s -1940’s).

Look at this melted brick that I keep finding off the side of the highway. That’s not “geological”. Those are ruins. They might not even be that old. We just don’t know because we’ve been lied to about literally everything. We need to rethink the way we approach these Historical, Anthropological, Archeological and Geological sciences and seriously throw out all our traditional Academic training and start from scratch.

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