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DESPICABLE FACEBOOK COVAIDS PROPAGANDA TARGETING UNBORN CHILDREN: ” If you’re pregnant, doctors strongly recommend that you get vaccinated.”

I was in the midst of an image search session(Metacrawler has been great lately) and I stumbled into Facebook. I have a throwaway account on there that I use solely for downloading media and for citing articles. I use the Facebook Lite WebApp actually. I wanted as stripped down a version that I could possibly find. You can’t trust Zuck not to spy on you.

I had never really clicked around inside of Facebook since like 2009, so out of curiosity I decided to see what they had to say about Covid-19 at the moment. The message they had published on behalf of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services did not disappoint in its outrageousness. My disgust was immediate and long lasting. Holee crap this shit is crazy. Are there pregnant women out there who are actually that dumb to believe this shit? In the headline below they say to talk to your family physician, but if you watch the video the first thing they say is that they recommend all pregnant women get the jab and lie about all the protections it gives the baby.

If it brings anyone any comfort, it appears as though a sentient Artificial Intelligence is the entity now pulling the strings behind the scenes, not a group of human beings.

These children are unable to defend themselves from their brain-dead parents and it might be the saddest part of this entire ordeal.

FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=307289198103677&id=100064677968554&_rdr

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