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I Was a Lonely Pizza Guy. Then the FBI Catfished Me. | More Hoaxed “Terror” Crimes by the Feds…SMH

What a shock. The F.B.I. aiming to frame an innocent American with terror charges, all in order to prop up their narrative that there even is a war on terror going on in the first place. A war that calls for a boatload of our natural rights to be extinguished, all in order for them to effectively engage in this non-existent fight moving forward(e.g. Patriot Act). What they did to this completely innocent man who was just minding his own business and trying to make a living as a pizza delivery guy, should infuriate any red-blooded human.

The Feds have now apparently shifted their efforts from framing innocent Arab men with terror related crimes and have now moved on to setting up “White Nationalists” as we saw with the Whitmer kidnapping hoax. They need something to reinforce their dishonest narrative about the existence of these “dangerous white Supremacist” groups.

Both of these cases were identical in that the suspects had ultimately refused to go along with the crazy plans of the informant trying to set them up, but the F.B.I. swoops in and arrests them anyway on wildly trumped-up charges. Almost as if they were given orders from above to find someone, anyone to arrest. Guilty or not. How is there no one able to check the power of the Feds?


A haunting story of the FBI’s dark hand in American life. In 2015, Khalil Abu-Rayyan was just a young Muslim man in Detroit, Michigan: to get by, he delivered food for his family’s pizzeria. Depressed and lonely, Khalil found solace in smoking weed and looking at extremist material online. Then two young women started messaging him, and he fell in love. But one of them suggested he start doing increasingly violent things. Nothing was as it seemed. And Khalil’s life would never be the same. A documentary by Garret Harkawik for the Gravel Institute.

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00:00 – Opening 01:10 – When I click that record button 07:20 – Coordinated attacks 10:52 – Stepping stones to Jannah (Heaven) 17:38 – That other stuff 25:01 – A part of me actually did break 28:25 – This is not an exit

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