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The Rise, the Wound, and the Return of Donald Trump: a case for the biblical Antichrist. (A thread)

It’s nice to see that some non-libtards are starting to see the truth about Trump and Q. Leftists don’t count because they hate him for all the wrong reasons and because they were told to by the media. They don’t get credit for shit.

This @DonnieDarkened Twitter account and Beyond the Grail Telegram account do a good job covering Trump and Q honestly. The thread below by DonnieDarkened is quite detailed and comprehensive and exposes the shit out of the Orange Man. The guy is an obvious Jesuit and Zionist pawn.


The Rise, the Wound, and the Return of Donald Trump: a case for the biblical Antichrist. (A thread)

70 years, 7 months, and 7 days after Trump’s birth, he would be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. 7 months after his inauguration, the Great American Eclipse would occur on August 21, 2017, and would divide the US in half in a 7 year period.

The 2017 eclipse also passes through 7 cities named Salem.

the 2024 eclipse passes through 7 cities named Salem as well.

Jerusalem was also called Salem in Genesis and Pslams.

There are many other Mysteries and Connections with the eclipses.

On the 14th of June 1946 during a blood moon, Donald J. Trump was born in Queens, New York. Infamous occultist Aleister Crowley sent a letter to fellow Thelemite John McMurty that the members Jack Parsons, L Ron. Hubbard, and others were producing a “Moon Child”

Qanon. Space Force. Coronavirus. The Storm. Warp Speed. The Rise of Alien UFOs. The Black Cube.

Donald means “world ruler” in Scottish Gaelic, and Trump means “the usurping ace”.

The Moonchild is the secular Masonic Chosen One that is the biblical Anti-Christ.

In the years since, Masonic Hollywood has released scores of iconic films featuring arcane esoteric references to Donald Trump himself, and waving him in with the lore of other related events of deep occult importance.

I have posted hundreds of examples on this account.

There is a fascinating connection with Donald Trump to the numbers 88, 777, 888, 911 to name a few.

700 days after Trump’s birth, the modern state of Israel would be promptly founded on 5/14/1948.

The Great American Solar Eclipses entered over the 33rd state and exiting over the 33rd parallel. Trump looked up and watched it from the White House, without any eclipse shades.

On the second anniversary of the Great American Eclipse (8/21/2019), Donald Trump made the proclamation “I Am the Chosen One” and went on that same day to tweet that he likened himself to the “second coming of god” and the “king of Israel”, which are all extreme blasphemies.

On 10/15/2017 Donald Trump made a cryptic remark saying that the time represented “The Calm Before The Storm”. When asked by a reported what he meant, he said “You’ll find out” and winked his eye.

Donald Trump has also cryptically spoken the “Snake Poem” multiple times to his followers at his rallies. The final line that Trump heavily emphasizes after the woman receives the “viscous bite” is “You knew damn well I was a snake, before you let me in!”

When asked by political commentator Frank Luntz if he ever asks God for forgiveness, he coldly responds “that’s a tough question” and goes on to say that he identifies as a “protestant” and that his pastor was “the late great Vincent Peele” = a 33rd Degree Freemason.

He dodges the original question so Luntz asks him again if he asks God for forgiveness. Trump then gives a smug look and responds sharply that he doesn’t, and that he just goes on from sinning without repentance and “tries to do better” himself.

Disturbingly, Trump goes on to say that he “does not bring God into that picture” and then proceeds to mock the Holy Communion in the spirit of Antichrist. When he lifts his hand up to his mouth a second time when describing the drinking of the water performs the 666 hand gesture

The sinister Qanon cult movement began in the dark depths of the web during Trump’s rise to power on the U.S. presidential campaign trail. It has since become a worldwide grassroots movement, with fervent and fanatical followers perceiving Trump as a messianic figure who ……..

…who is the one that is destined to “take down the Satanic pedophile globalists” and save America – even the whole world itself.

Trump himself tweeted this video on January 3, 2020 long after losing an election that he has never since admitted defeat to. (Elections are not real in the first place.)

He is always provocatively hinting to his followers a return to power.

On 4/29/21 Donald Trump proclaimed himself as “the father of the vaccine”. Under Trump’s tenure as president, Operation Warp Speed was procured to usher in the Coronavirus vaccines to the world and on 5/15/20 Trump likened this development project to the “2nd Manhattan Project”.

The logo for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed features a Coronavirus molecule representing the Corona Gate, and the Saturn’s Cube representing Donald’s desire to lead humanity through “warp speed” into combat against God in Heaven by issuing the Mark of the Beast and……

…. and kick starting the New World Order in preparation for the invasion of Jesus Christ and his army at the 2nd Coming. (Who they will say is likely an Alien Threat)

The Abraham Accord Coin, which is the Antichrist’s Peace Plan with Israel. Notice that Saturn (in connection with the Cube) is at the tip of the sword; the false-peace dove is heading to God as a signal that the Endgame war of the Great Tribulation is ready to commence.

Donald Trump is infamous for throwing his signature 666 hand gesture and has done it countless times. The other gestures done often by Trump are the index figure pointing up to heaven and the Thelemic Fire gesture.

The elite 2019 Viareggio Parade in Italy featured a massive living image of Donald Trump that featured a rotating body, shifting eyes, and a moving clawed hand. The Trump statue held a flaming sword that read “Dazi Vostri” meaning “Your Duties”.

The hilt of this sword featured the All-Seeing Eye in the Triangle, an infamous Masonic symbol of YHWH El (God) with the Saturnian 8-pointed star. Lower down is a crescent moon; both depictions make the Star and Crescent as an iconic divinity symbol.

Notice Trump in the top left corner throwing the “Devil Horns”, 666, and Fire gestures.

The 9/11 2001 attacks was the great Masonic harbinger of the Day of The Storm, that is the End of the World. Donald Trump is closely woven into this mystery, with many iconic films making key homages to Donald Trump, who is the Antichrist.

TRUMP = 88, Code 88 is found in relation to the Twin Towers which represent the Masonic Twin pillars standing for the Sun and the Moon analemmas. Both combined make the Eclipse, that is the Open Gate of God. The Saturn’s Cube is directly tied with this…

The Saturn’s Cube is directly tied with this, as it represents the source of God in the high heaven through the Gate.

The Manhattan Trump Tower Entrance and the Kaaba of Mecca both represent the Saturnian Black Cube with gold.

Trump at the Ground Zero site, “My building (Trump Tower) is now the tallest”, Trump’s vain Twin Towers II plan, and Trump on the news radio during the attacks saying that he watched the attacks from his tower.

Trump has an extremely bizarre infatuation with nuclear weapons, as it was seen with his giddy relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, as well as his strange remarks about nuking incoming hurricanes to stop them and the fiasco of the purchase of Greenland and….

….the tweet of a Trump Tower in Nuuk (pronounced Nuke) of Green-land (Earth) in connection to a Ground Zero.

Cabal occultist Aleister Crowley making the Twin Pillars with his arms, and the All-Seeing Eye within a hexagon on his head gear. It was a Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice.

Trump and his Space Force inaugural banner reveal. Space Force members are now called “Guardians”.

Halo 5: Guardians has very disturbing connections there with battling the Holy Covenant And AI Control.

Here is a Great Video about this:

Trump’s unsettling and symbolic obsession with Miss Universe and young women.

Trump with infamous cabal pedophile Jeffrey Epstein; also Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Trump placed as the cryptic “Tip of the Spear” in the New York Military Academy.

A radical Qanon “Path to Trump” whiteboard detailing the loyal subjects of Trump’s return to power. Notice that the word “Jesus” above Trump has a bold dark arrow coming down to Trump’s head. He is perceived as their messiah, a more satisfying earthly substitute for Jesus Christ.

Qanon leaders are featured at this location including Mike Flynn (an ex-U.S. military advisor) and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell who held the Martial Law papers when exiting a meeting with Trump just before Biden’s inauguration.

A tweet from Trump on March 8, 2020 shows Trump playing a fiddle (like Nero when Rome burned) and a statement that said, “My next piece is called: Nothing can stop what’s coming,” which refers directly to the Q Storm – linking him directly to the conspiracy and the Apocalypse.

Infamous occultist and witch Marina Abramović has stated that Donald Trump is the “Magician who will wake us all up.” And bring about an “Awakening” of some kind.

The reference to the “Great Awakening” is representing the mass spiritual conversion of the world’s population to the trust, worship, and adoration of Donald Trump, who is the Antichrist of Scripture.

The Symbolism is everywhere. And no one has really noticed all of these years to put the pieces together.

Some are beginning to notice.

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of examples of the foreshadowing of the disturbing events in the near future.

After a certain point, it no longer becomes coincidence. take some time to examine all of the evidences i have posted in my two months on this website.

After a certain point, it no longer becomes coincidence.

They have been hiding the Truth in plain sight for centuries.

Another thread with more strange connections involving Donald Trump’s ancestry, and his esoteric connections to Jesus Christ.

Here is a thread revealing the Occult Mysteries behind Trump Tower and it’s relation to his role as the coming False “Savior of the World.”

Here is a thread for those of you who do not understand how Donald Trump could be a “bad guy” (Those who come from the circles of Q)

This thread explains how he is the “False Light” coming to TRUMP the “Cabal/Darkness”

Masonic “From Darkness to Light.”

If you are new to understanding the complexity and deliberate nature of everything that goes on in our world on a spiritual and ritualistic level, I’d like to point you to this thread I did which should serve as a good introduction.

Here is my original thread on the Donald Trump Antichrist Mystery.

(A few posts Down the thread cuts off from the rest of the thread.)

This thread is over 100 posts long, and goes deep into the “Two Trumps” Mystery.

Here is where you can continue to the rest of the original pinned thread after it was cut off.

Check out This Thread Where We See The Connection With Apollo’s Arrow (Coronavirus), Donald Trump, And His Cure.💉

They’ve Been Foreshadowing all of this Since The Beginning.

In this thread, we dig a bit deeper into Trump’s Abraham Accords coin, and make the connection to the infamous Denver Airport Murals.

In this thread, I explain the complete significance Of the Great American Eclipses, a sign that occurred in Heaven 33 days later, and it’s relation to the Antichrist and the end of days.

And the biblical significance to Covid.

In this thread, we dive deep into the Donald Trump’s relationship with the Pandemic, The Coronavirus Task Force, and the Vaccine.

Trackdown (1958) Shows Predictive Programming about Donald Trump’s rise at the End of the World and infamous Border Wall.

On Modern Israel’s 74th anniversary of May 14, 2022, Israel will be exactly 888 months old and Trump will be exactly 911 months old.

888 representing the messianic incursion, and 911 representing the IXXI of Judgement.

Trump and Israel are spiritually connected.

If you want to learn the mysteries of the “Two Donald Trumps” This particular section of my Main pinned thread covers just that.

And if by all of this information you STILL aren’t convinced.

Then i recommend Checking out These YouTube Channels”

Angel White

Antichrist 45 Brother Paul

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But wait, there’s more!

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And More!

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AWTR Productions

And if after reading, watching, and examining around 500 hours worth of evidences, connections, and information you STILL are not convinced.

Then i will simply allow the events to soon unfold convince you.

What’s coming is inevitable.

They’ve been telling us for centuries.

One Last thing before i end this thread is this.

Do Not Fear the coming times,

Nor the perseuction or the sytem to wage war against the saints,

But understand that all that is and ever shall be is a tool of God’s Ultimate Divine Will.

Find Solace in this.

Our God is Perfect.

One more thing I shall add.

The Bible does NOT say he will be loved by all.

He shall be loved by many.

But all will WORSHIP him by receiving his mark or by obedience to his system.

We have been programmed to believe in the Hollywood version of the Antichrist.

Originally tweeted by Donnie Darko (@DonnieDarkened) on February 5, 2022.

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