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WATCH: Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s Livestream didn’t work out how she hoped! Gets ROASTED by enraged residents of Boston.

This is what it looks like when a soulless, feckless politician has to endure public embarrassment with no place to run. If she was truly in charge as Mayor then she would have been receptive to what her constituents were saying and acknowledged their concerns. But she’s not in charge. It was almost as if she was programmed to not be able to read any of the damaging and negative messages that were appearing in the chat, just like the hosts in “Westworld” were programmed to ignore certain words and images. “Doesn’t look like anything to me”.

None of these Globalist puppet politicians have ever made an autonomous decision, ever. She reminded me of that stupid doctor they always have on CNN who was also a crisis actor during the Boston bombing. Someone who manages to talk to for 5 minutes straight yet say nothing at all.

I really wished she had started crying in front of everyone during the livestream. But alas, you have to be an actual human being to experience emotions like “shame” or “embarrassment”. This bitch was probably pressed off a Robotoid 3D printer from earlier that morning by her handler.

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