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Police came to make arrests at Freedom Convoy in Alberta and then this happened! | Canadian feds caught trying to push convoy truckers to “overrun parliament” in Jan 6-style “insurrection” false flag scheme

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=BBMKN4G67W71

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vutpv1-police-came-to-make-arrests-and-this-happened.html

A bit cheesy if you ask me, but hey, whatever works. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, but from where I’m sitting I do not think we can expect to come out victorious in this ongoing war by solely using “peace and love” as our primary weapon. Ultimately these Globalist swine will end up unleashing all kinds of different shows of force upon the public to solicit our eventual compliance and singing “Lean on Me” in a circle isn’t going to sway any eventual future U.N. Peacekeeper troops from not following orders and oppressing us with force. So don’t get too confident and start thinking that this is all we have to do to stop this insanity.

Also, the leaders of this movement need to put significant time and effort into identifying and smoking out all the Masonic actor-agents and Federal snitches that they have amongst them. And they also need to stop breaking down in tears on camera. This is a war. There is no crying on the battlefield. This is like the third or fourth dude I’ve seen start balling on camera. Suck it up. So unless your dog died earlier that day, you need to keep it the fuck together. When and if this ever ends, THAT’S when you can cry.

Canadian feds caught trying to push convoy truckers to “overrun parliament” in Jan 6-style “insurrection” false flag scheme – NEWS TARGET

And don’t forget that those are Canadian cops, NOT American cops. There is a huge difference in the overall levels of violence and unpredictability between each contingency of law enforcement swine. American pigs are straight up dangerous and clinically unstable and sadistic. They all did poorly in school, didn’t have any friends, were beaten by their Step Dads, and in turn, grew up to be wife-beating sociopaths who live to inflict pain and cause death upon other living things. You think that the Baltimore Swat Team(for example), is going to stand down and relinquish an opportunity to maim and kill other human beings with impunity just because the people suddenly joined hands and began singing some song? Bet that they will fuck you up….badly…. and then go high-five each other afterwards about all the people they hurt while making their latest gay sex movie in their Commanders basement.

Here is one of the live feeds:

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